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manstyle(freshmeat) ManStyle ManStyle helps you create good-looking HTML man... DOWNLOAD
mapis(freshmeat) MAPis MAPis is an installation script for MySQL, Apac... DOWNLOAD
markoff(freshmeat) markoff markoff is a program to generate random text, b... DOWNLOAD
mary(freshmeat) mary mary is a free native code optimizing Forth com... DOWNLOAD
massrename(freshmeat) Mass Rename Mass Rename is a simple pair of shell scripts w... DOWNLOAD
math3d(freshmeat) Math3d Math3d is a C++ library that provides everythin... DOWNLOAD
masm(freshmeat) MathASM MathASM (MASM) is a scripting language similar ... DOWNLOAD
mathfun_py(freshmeat) is a little Python library that make... DOWNLOAD
matritsa(freshmeat) matritsa matritsa is a computer version of a board game ... DOWNLOAD
matrixtemplatelibrary(freshmeat) Matrix Template Library The Matrix Template Library is a C++ class libr... DOWNLOAD
matrixclock(freshmeat) matrixclock matrixclock is a clock for Matrix Orbital alpha... DOWNLOAD
mavric(freshmeat) Mavric Mavric is a python module/application that aims... DOWNLOAD
maxwell(freshmeat) Maxwell Maxwell is a word processor application for Lin... DOWNLOAD
mca(freshmeat) MCA Mandelbrot Cellular Automaton Combines features... DOWNLOAD
mcal(freshmeat) Mcal Mcal is a replacement for the traditional unix ... DOWNLOAD
mcal-drivers(freshmeat) mcal-drivers The mcal-drivers package consists of additional... DOWNLOAD
mcfeely(freshmeat) mcfeely McFeely makes it possible to run multiple progr... DOWNLOAD
mcgi(freshmeat) MCgi MCgi is a CGI parser written in C++. DOWNLOAD
php_net_idna(freshmeat) PHP Net_IDNA PHP Net_IDNA is a class to convert between the ... DOWNLOAD
mebay(freshmeat) MeBay MeBay is a Perl/GTK client for eBay with suppor... DOWNLOAD
megazeux(freshmeat) MegaZeux MegaZeux is a Game Creation System (GCS) with s... DOWNLOAD
melati(freshmeat) Melati Melati is a tool for building Java-programmed w... DOWNLOAD
memchan(freshmeat) Memchan Memchan is an extension library to the script l... DOWNLOAD
mercat(freshmeat) Mercat Mercat is a light-weight, cross platform progr... DOWNLOAD
messageoftheday(freshmeat) Message of the Day This little script shows a new quote every time... DOWNLOAD
metachk(freshmeat) metachk metachk checks the health and safety of DiskSui... DOWNLOAD
meter(freshmeat) meter Meter reads data from a Radioshack multimeter w... DOWNLOAD
metronome(freshmeat) Metronome Metronome is a MIDI-based metronome which uses ... DOWNLOAD
mew(freshmeat) Mew Mew for Emacs/XEmacs is an interface to integra... DOWNLOAD
mfind(freshmeat) mfind mfind is an extensible Machine Find utility. In... DOWNLOAD
mfmail(freshmeat) MFMail MFMail is a simple Python-program to mail one o... DOWNLOAD
mg(freshmeat) MG The MG system is a suite of programs for compre... DOWNLOAD
mgetty-rawdatapatch(freshmeat) mgetty-rawdata patch If you have a device that sends its raw data th... DOWNLOAD
mibfm(freshmeat) mibfm mibfm is a simple utility for uploading/downloa... DOWNLOAD
midishare(freshmeat) MidiShare MidiShare is a musical operating system designe... DOWNLOAD
migrationtools(freshmeat) MigrationTools The MigrationTools are a set of Perl scripts fo... DOWNLOAD
ministryoftruth(freshmeat) Ministry of Truth The Ministry of Truth is a web-based job, equip... DOWNLOAD
minotaur(freshmeat) Minotaur Minotaur is a generalized extension which lets ... DOWNLOAD
mkisofs(freshmeat) Mkisofs mkisofs is used for premastering iso9660 filesy... DOWNLOAD
mktclapp(freshmeat) mktclapp Mktclapp is a tool for combining C/C++ code wit... DOWNLOAD
mmc(freshmeat) My Mail Client MMC is an email client for GNOME that can read,... DOWNLOAD
mmcalc(freshmeat) mmcalc Math Magic Sci-Calculator is a console-based ca... DOWNLOAD
mmxemulator(freshmeat) MMX Emulator The MMX Emulator library provides a simple way ... DOWNLOAD
mobilemesh(freshmeat) MobileMesh MobileMesh is a collection of non-proprietary p... DOWNLOAD
model(freshmeat) Modest Ordinary Differential Equation Library MODEL (Modest Ordinary Differential Equation Li... DOWNLOAD
modemusage(freshmeat) modemusage modemusage generates a graph of modem usage ove... DOWNLOAD
modulef(freshmeat) Modulef Modulef is a modular finite element library de... DOWNLOAD
mod_access_referer(freshmeat) mod_access_referer mod_access_referer allows/denies access based o... DOWNLOAD
mod_hosts_access(freshmeat) mod_hosts_access mod_hosts_access allows you to use hosts.allow ... DOWNLOAD
mod_litbook(freshmeat) mod_litbook mod_litbook is an experiment in web page refere... DOWNLOAD
mod_ntlm(freshmeat) mod_ntlm mod_ntlm is a NTLM authentication module for Ap... DOWNLOAD
mod_sequester(freshmeat) mod_sequester mod_sequester is a module for the Apache Web se... DOWNLOAD
mod_video(freshmeat) mod_video mod_video is an Apache module for grabbing imag... DOWNLOAD
mod_virgule(freshmeat) mod_virgule Mod_virgule is an Apache C module used to drive... DOWNLOAD
moemusic(freshmeat) Moe Music Moe Music is a Web front end to mpg123 that con... DOWNLOAD
mojotron(freshmeat) Mojotron Mojotron is a Llamatron-style action game. DOWNLOAD
molasses(freshmeat) Molasses Molasses is a small and light sticky notes prog... DOWNLOAD
mollie(freshmeat) Mollie Mollie is a small Web-oriented database for mol... DOWNLOAD
mono(freshmeat) Mono Mono is a monophonic synth with real-time audio... DOWNLOAD
morse2led(freshmeat) morse2led The morse2led package consists of two programs,... DOWNLOAD
mozart(freshmeat) Mozart Mozart is a browser-based contact, calendar, an... DOWNLOAD
mozglade(freshmeat) MozGlade MozGlade is a libglade based interface to the M... DOWNLOAD
mp3frip(freshmeat) MP3 File Renamer in Perl mp3frip renames MP3 files. It features searchin... DOWNLOAD
mp3reportgenerator(freshmeat) MP3 Report Generator mp3report is a flexible program to scan a list ... DOWNLOAD
mp3-database(freshmeat) MP3-Database MP3-Database is a tool to organize your MP3 col... DOWNLOAD
mp3html(freshmeat) MP3html MP3html is a utility for generating listings of... DOWNLOAD
mp3make(freshmeat) Mp3Make Mp3Make is a program that automates the ripping... DOWNLOAD
mp3stream(freshmeat) mp3stream MP3stream is a multi-threaded C library for str... DOWNLOAD
mpegrec(freshmeat) mpegrec mpegrec (and wavrec, which is bundled with this... DOWNLOAD
mpg123+eq(freshmeat) mpg123+eq The mpg123+eq patch adds a -Q option to mpg123 ... DOWNLOAD
mpg123-mysql(freshmeat) mpg123-mysql mpg123-mysql consists of some patches to mpg123... DOWNLOAD
mpp(freshmeat) mpp mpp is a GUI (lesstif) frontend to the backend ... DOWNLOAD
mpserv(freshmeat) mpserv Mpserv is an architecture for playing MP3s dist... DOWNLOAD
mptn(freshmeat) Mptn Mptn is a pattern matching library for strings ... DOWNLOAD
mq(freshmeat) mqcontrol mqcontrol gives you control over your mailqueue... DOWNLOAD
mrtg-mica-probe(freshmeat) mrtg-mica-probe mrtg-mica-probe is a modem usage probe for the ... DOWNLOAD
tnef-php(freshmeat) MS-TNEF degenerator the MS-TNEF degenerator is a Web frontend for a... DOWNLOAD
msnj(freshmeat) MSNj MSNj is an attempt at implementing the MSN Mess... DOWNLOAD
msredird(freshmeat) msredird msredird implements the "Telnet Com Port C... DOWNLOAD
mtf(freshmeat) mtf mtf is a Linux reader for the Microsoft Tape Fo... DOWNLOAD
mtsms(freshmeat) is a Perl script that can send sms mes... DOWNLOAD
mtxl(freshmeat) MTXL MTXL is a major overhaul of Leonard Zubkoff's '... DOWNLOAD
muffin(freshmeat) Muffin Muffin is a filtering proxy server for the Worl... DOWNLOAD
muh(freshmeat) muh muh is a smart irc-bouncing-tool that remains o... DOWNLOAD
multimeter(freshmeat) Multimeter Multimeter is a simple command line utility tha... DOWNLOAD
multiscan(freshmeat) Multiscan Multiscan is a TCP port scanner for the console... DOWNLOAD
multisort(freshmeat) multisort multisort can merge multiple httpd logs from a ... DOWNLOAD
mams(freshmeat) Multiuser Address Management System/Book MAMS is a Web based Multiuser Address Managemen... DOWNLOAD
musicscript(freshmeat) MusicScript MusicScript is an Open Source music scripting l... DOWNLOAD
musplay(freshmeat) musplay Musplay is a small program that plays simple mu... DOWNLOAD
mux2d(freshmeat) MuX2d MuX2d is a graphical music notation editor whic... DOWNLOAD
mxcrypto(freshmeat) mxCrypto mxCrypto is an extension package that provides ... DOWNLOAD
myguestbook(freshmeat) MyGuestbook MyGuestbook is a simple guestbook that uses MyS... DOWNLOAD
myipsitestatus(freshmeat) myipsitestatus myipsitestatus is a set of bash scripts that ma... DOWNLOAD
myphppagetool(freshmeat) myphpPagetool myphpPagetool is a complete package to drive yo... DOWNLOAD
mysqler(freshmeat) mysqler mysqler reports on how a MySQL server performs.... DOWNLOAD
mzxlib(freshmeat) mzxlib mzxlib is a utility library for MegaZeux and pr... DOWNLOAD
nanocrypt(freshmeat) nanocrypt nanocrypt is a tiny program to encrypt and decr... DOWNLOAD
napyrc(freshmeat) napyrc napyrc is a proxy between the Napster protocol ... DOWNLOAD
ncpweb(freshmeat) NCPweb NCPweb is a simple Web-based frontend to the nc... DOWNLOAD

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