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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
py-xmlrpc(sfnet) Fast Python Xmlrpc Library An extremely fast implementation of the xmlrpc ... DOWNLOAD
proteus-intelligent-processes(freshmeat) Proteus Intelligent Processes Proteus Intelligent Processes is a set of tools... DOWNLOAD
uykfd(freshmeat) UYKFD UYKFD uses metadata from Last FM's Web services... DOWNLOAD
rs-kennzeichen(freshmeat) RS-Kennzeichen RS-Kennzeichen is a midlet to find German vehic... DOWNLOAD
metanomon(freshmeat) metanomon metanomon is an experimental desktop DokuWiki e... DOWNLOAD
ican(freshmeat) iCan iCan is an intelligent, community-driven comman... DOWNLOAD
opensort(freshmeat) Opensort Opensort is general purpose sorting software th... DOWNLOAD
ldcompiler(sfnet) ldcompiler Ladder Logic compiler for LDmicro software. Gen... DOWNLOAD
cconstants(freshmeat) cconstants cconstants is a library and a set of commandlin... DOWNLOAD
csvdiff(sfnet) csvdiff csvdiff is a Perl script to diff/compare two cs... DOWNLOAD
php-twitter-feed(freshmeat) PHP Twitter Feed PHP Twitter Feed is a class that generates RSS ... DOWNLOAD
bday-2(freshmeat) BDay BDay is a simple program to help you track birt... DOWNLOAD
p2p-fusion(freshmeat) P2P-Fusion P2P-Fusion is a software system that supports a... DOWNLOAD
cli(freshmeat) cli CLI is a command line interface compiler for C+... DOWNLOAD
jnbd(freshmeat) JNbd JNbd is an NBD (network block device) server. I... DOWNLOAD
viewvcplus(sfnet) viewvcplus Application based on ViewVC repository browser.... DOWNLOAD
yaml4r(sfnet) YAML.rb: YAML for Ruby YAML.rb is a YAML processor for the Ruby langua... DOWNLOAD
odbcpp(freshmeat) odbcpp odbcpp is an ODBC C++ library wrapper. The ODBC... DOWNLOAD
coffeesaint(freshmeat) CoffeeSaint CoffeeSaint is a Java application that shows th... DOWNLOAD
mt940phpclass(sfnet) mt940 php class PHP Class to read mt940. 1. Step Creates an Arr... DOWNLOAD
sworkorange(sfnet) searchworkorange SearchWorkOrange is a fulltext search system ba... DOWNLOAD
infobright-community-edition(freshmeat) Infobright Community Edition Infobright Community Edition (ICE) is an analyt... DOWNLOAD
mangolib(freshmeat) The Mango Library Mango is a generic Java library consisting of a... DOWNLOAD
jsai(freshmeat) jSai jSai is a servlet authentication implementation... DOWNLOAD
fbb2e4c17e640049d9019a93447738(freshmeat) Forty-two Forty-two is a 1945 clone which can be scripted... DOWNLOAD
pcgen(freshmeat) PCGen PCGen is a Java (1.5+) -based character generat... DOWNLOAD
libutf8(freshmeat) libutf8 libutf8 is a reasonably fast, robust encoder/de... DOWNLOAD
libsyslogp(freshmeat) libsyslogp libsyslogp is a library for parsing raw syslog ... DOWNLOAD
roster(freshmeat) Roster Roster is DNS management software for use with ... DOWNLOAD
briskola(freshmeat) BrisKola BrisKola is an implementation of the popular It... DOWNLOAD
smpf(sfnet) 性别比综合治理工作平台 性别比综合治理工作平台 DOWNLOAD
pyexit(freshmeat) pyExit pyExit is a lightweight application for shuttin... DOWNLOAD
qore-sybase-and-freetds-module(freshmeat) Qore Sybase and FreeTDS Modules The Qore Sybase and FreeTDS Modules provide Syb... DOWNLOAD
foldroid(freshmeat) foldroid foldroid is a mail folder selection tool. For p... DOWNLOAD
wikipbx(freshmeat) WikiPBX WikiPBX is a PBX Web interface for FreeSWITCH. ... DOWNLOAD
e-photogallery(freshmeat) e-Photogallery e-Photogallery is a Web-based photo gallery. It... DOWNLOAD
mm2s5(freshmeat) mm2s5 mm2s5 is a simple utility to convert a FreeMind... DOWNLOAD
moco(freshmeat) MoCo MoCo is a system that monitors and controls SCA... DOWNLOAD
vespucci(freshmeat) Vespucci Vespucci is an editor for the OpenStreeMap for ... DOWNLOAD
tymeacse(freshmeat) TymeacSE TymeacSE is a full-feature, fork-join manager f... DOWNLOAD
jep(sfnet) Jep Java - Math Expression Parser Jep is a Java package for parsing and evaluatin... DOWNLOAD
octc(sfnet) Open-Content Text Corpus The OCTC hosts open-content texts, encoded in T... DOWNLOAD
waverous-lambdamoo(freshmeat) Waverous LambdaMOO Waverous aims to bring a few LambdaMOO patches ... DOWNLOAD
sms-queue(freshmeat) sms-queue sms-queue handles an SMS queue for small networ... DOWNLOAD
uam(freshmeat) uam uam is a set of udev rules and shell scripts to... DOWNLOAD
landscapeweb(sfnet) Landscape Web Browser Deutsch: Der BESTE Internet Browser der Welt En... DOWNLOAD
open-media-engine(freshmeat) Open Media Engine Open Media Engine (OME) is a 3D media engine us... DOWNLOAD
coretml-framework(freshmeat) CoreTML framework CoreTML framework is a template configuration s... DOWNLOAD
rtpserver(sfnet) RTP Streaming Server The project is intended to develop an rtp/rtsp ... DOWNLOAD
msr-tools(freshmeat) MSR Tools MSR Tools is a source code evolution analysis t... DOWNLOAD
virchor(sfnet) Virtual Choreographer Virtual Choreographer (VC) is a 3D graphic engi... DOWNLOAD
vgmstream(sfnet) vgmstream A library for playback of various streamed audi... DOWNLOAD
mcx(sfnet) Monte Carlo eXtreme (MCX) MCX is a Monte Carlo simulation software for st... DOWNLOAD
poezio(freshmeat) poezio Poezio is a console-based client for XMPP, the ... DOWNLOAD
npa(sfnet) npa A cross-platform agent for the Nagios monitorin... DOWNLOAD
insulargenetica(sfnet) Insular Genetic Algorithm This is implementation of parallel genetic algo... DOWNLOAD
php-auth-class(freshmeat) Auth Class Auth Class is a PHP Authentication class with m... DOWNLOAD
ibwebadmin(sfnet) ibWebAdmin ibWebAdmin is a web-based admin tool for InterB... DOWNLOAD
cs4g(sfnet) cs4g Fallstudie WI DOWNLOAD
a-note(sfnet) a-note A Note is a software that let you put post-it l... DOWNLOAD
itunesexport(sfnet) iTunes Music Library Export Provides the ability to export playlists from a... DOWNLOAD
mln(sfnet) mln - Manage Large Networks MLN (Manage Large Networks) is a perl program u... DOWNLOAD
libircclient(freshmeat) libircclient libircclient is a small but powerful library th... DOWNLOAD
webconformance(sfnet) Open Validator - Web Conformance Tool This software verifies and corrects many aspect... DOWNLOAD
myrad4php(freshmeat) MyRad4PHP MyRad4PHP creates applications on the fly, mak... DOWNLOAD
lingoteach(sfnet) LingoTeach A language teaching program and library based ... DOWNLOAD
xml-csv-convert(sfnet) PHP based XML to CSV converter Simple PHP based XML to CSV converter DOWNLOAD
structorizer(sfnet) structorizer Structorizer is a little tool which you can use... DOWNLOAD
pvpgn-phputils(sfnet) PHP Utilities for PvPGN PHP Utilities for PvPGN is a collection of PHP ... DOWNLOAD
crosspather(sfnet) crosspather This is a software to access and download your ... DOWNLOAD
feiarmwizard(sfnet) FEI ARM Wizard This project presents a plug-in that is a wizar... DOWNLOAD
swsusp(sfnet) Suspend2 Enables the possibility of suspending a machine... DOWNLOAD
phpmailer(sfnet) PHPMailer A PHP email creation and transport class featur... DOWNLOAD
osma(sfnet) OSMA Serious games are games that are primarily desi... DOWNLOAD
polarssl(freshmeat) PolarSSL PolarSSL is a light-weight cryptographic and SS... DOWNLOAD
fai(freshmeat) FAI FAI (fully automatic installation) is a non-int... DOWNLOAD
imgcrush(freshmeat) IMGCrush IMGCrush is an image compressor. IMGCrush_GUI i... DOWNLOAD
phpivr(freshmeat) phpivr phpivr is an Asterisk AGI application which use... DOWNLOAD
megatux(freshmeat) megatux Megatux is a platformshooter game with Tux as t... DOWNLOAD
chocosmalltalk(freshmeat) ChocoSmallTalk The ChocoSmallTalk system is a hybrid Smalltalk... DOWNLOAD
hibersap(freshmeat) Hibersap Hibersap is a small framework that offers an ab... DOWNLOAD
otfbot(freshmeat) OtfBot OtfBot is a modular IRC bot. It has modules to ... DOWNLOAD
dv-analyzer(freshmeat) DV Analyzer DV Analyzer is a technical quality control and ... DOWNLOAD
daemonprojects-login-alert(freshmeat) DaemonProjects Login Alert Login Alert is a small one click wizard GUI tha... DOWNLOAD
rakontu(freshmeat) Rakontu Rakontu is a Web application that small groups ... DOWNLOAD
picshell(freshmeat) Picshell PicShell is a small IDE for the JALv2 language,... DOWNLOAD
hormiga-project(freshmeat) Hormiga Project Hormiga is a language designed to be simple and... DOWNLOAD
mahatma64k(freshmeat) Mahatma68k Mahatma68k is an emulation library for the Moto... DOWNLOAD
cube-escape(freshmeat) Cube Escape Cube Escape is a game in which you are inside a... DOWNLOAD
scew(freshmeat) Simple C Expat Wrapper The aim of SCEW is to provide an easy interface... DOWNLOAD
lambdaj(freshmeat) lambdaj lambdaj is a Java library that allows you to ma... DOWNLOAD
colorchip(freshmeat) ColorChip ColorChip is a class for working with color in ... DOWNLOAD
enhanced_tightvnc_viewer(freshmeat) Enhanced TightVNC Viewer The Enhanced TightVNC Viewer, SSVNC, adds encry... DOWNLOAD
lurker(freshmeat) Lurker Lurker is a mailing list archiver designed for ... DOWNLOAD
tellurianring-scene(freshmeat) TellurianRing Scene The TellurianRing Scene project is a JavaScript... DOWNLOAD
sdl_mixer(freshmeat) SDL_mixer SDL_mixer is a simple multi-channel audio mixer... DOWNLOAD
gqview(sfnet) GQview image viewer A lightweight image viewer that is simple to na... DOWNLOAD
csv2kml(sfnet) csv2kml A program which reads entries related to a loca... DOWNLOAD
hummus-pdfwriter(freshmeat) Hummus PDF Writer The Hummus PDF Writer library allows you to gen... DOWNLOAD
xbasic(sfnet) XBasic XBasic is an integrated software development en... DOWNLOAD

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