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vuzitnet(freshmeat) Vuzit.Net Vuzit.Net is a library that allows developers t... DOWNLOAD
whitewash(freshmeat) Whitewash The Whitewash module allows Ruby programs to cl... DOWNLOAD
theora-intro(freshmeat) theora-intro theora-intro adds an introduction sequence to a... DOWNLOAD
gtk2-panel(freshmeat) Gtk+2 panel The primary aim of the Gtk+2 panel project is t... DOWNLOAD
symplik-exzellenz(freshmeat) SYMPLiK EXZELLENZ SYMPLiK EXZELLENZ is a program to manipulate ta... DOWNLOAD
mussort(freshmeat) mussort mussort is a simple tool that sorts a music col... DOWNLOAD
mailit(freshmeat) mailit mailit is a command line based frontend to any ... DOWNLOAD
pulse-java(freshmeat) pulse-java Pulse is a Web application framework and portal... DOWNLOAD
aurasignal(freshmeat) Aura.Signal Aura.Signal is a SignalSlots/EventHandler imple... DOWNLOAD
aurasql(freshmeat) Aura.Sql The Aura.Sql package is a wrapper around PDO th... DOWNLOAD
aurauri(freshmeat) Aura.Uri The Aura Uri package provides tools to build an... DOWNLOAD
cml(sfnet) Chemical Markup Language The development and curation of a range of XML... DOWNLOAD
auraview(freshmeat) Aura.View The Aura View package provides an implementatio... DOWNLOAD
auraweb(freshmeat) Aura.Web The Aura Web package provides tools to build We... DOWNLOAD
extmathnim(freshmeat) extmath.nim extmath.nim is a math library for the Nimrod pr... DOWNLOAD
travianproject(sfnet) travianproject This project is a fanproject for the game Travian. DOWNLOAD
ezmorph(sfnet) EZMorph EZMorph is simple java library for transforming... DOWNLOAD
gnuais(sfnet) GNU AIS GNU AIS is software for demodulating and decodi... DOWNLOAD
jammybot(sfnet) jammybot A bot that wil play guitar based games for you. DOWNLOAD
phailomatic(freshmeat) Phailomatic Phailomatic is an intrusion prevention and deni... DOWNLOAD
sleepworker(freshmeat) sleepworker sleepworker is a daemon that monitors your Unix... DOWNLOAD
eurephia(freshmeat) eurephia eurephia is an authentication plug-in for OpenV... DOWNLOAD
hempgl(sfnet) Alien Attack 2d shooter game DOWNLOAD
log4plsql(sfnet) log4plsql LOG4PLSQL is a PLSQL framework for logging in a... DOWNLOAD
motiontaquin(sfnet) motiontaquin jeu de taquin avec mouvement des pièces command... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-morse-code-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Morse Code Class Wolf Software Morse Code Class is a simple clas... DOWNLOAD
opendatabag(sfnet) OpenDataBag OpenDataBag is object database with web interfa... DOWNLOAD
easycfgmaker(sfnet) Easy CFG Maker Counter Strike 1.6 CFG Maker DOWNLOAD
tptest(sfnet) TPTEST - Internet performance test suite This site is no longer updated, for updated inf... DOWNLOAD
jstween(sfnet) jstween Javascript framework for animation, it has easi... DOWNLOAD
lzo-stream-library(freshmeat) LZO Stream Library LZO Stream Library provides a stream API with L... DOWNLOAD
live-helper-chat(freshmeat) Live Helper Chat Live Helper Chat is a system that adds live sup... DOWNLOAD
nanonote-firmware(freshmeat) NanoNote Firmware NanoNote Firmware is the OpenWRT-based firmware... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-kenny-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Kenny Class Wolf Software Kenny Class is a silly translatio... DOWNLOAD
ycad(sfnet) Ycad - Java CAD library Ycad is a library of CAD functions in Java. Cur... DOWNLOAD
tcwebtools(sfnet) tcwebtools PHP MVC framework with Javascript menu, utility... DOWNLOAD
rescatux(freshmeat) Rescatux Rescatux is a GNU/Linux rescue CD that comes wi... DOWNLOAD
opensaga(freshmeat) OpenSAGA OpenSAGA is a model-centric Web application fra... DOWNLOAD
regexpp(freshmeat) RegExpp RegExpp provides simple and useful C++ encapsul... DOWNLOAD
xslet-xsldo(freshmeat) xslet / xsldo xsldo is a library that makes it easy to develo... DOWNLOAD
osxbluestacksuninstaller(sfnet) OS X BlueStacks Uninstaller BlueStacks was a neat idea, but it was pissing ... DOWNLOAD
detras(freshmeat) DeTraS DeTraS provides several tools to track developm... DOWNLOAD
uldramar(freshmeat) uldramar Uldramar is a fantasy RPG and adventure game. Y... DOWNLOAD
clm(freshmeat) Wolf Software Change Log Manager The Change Log Manager is a simple tool that al... DOWNLOAD
open_portal(freshmeat) Wolf Software Open Portal Open Portal is a very simple user portal with b... DOWNLOAD
secure-blog(freshmeat) Wolf Software Secure Blog Secure Blog is a similar to Microblog, except i... DOWNLOAD
secure-dept-portal(freshmeat) Wolf Software Secure Group Portal Secure Group Portal is an extension to the 'Sec... DOWNLOAD
linux-process-explorer(freshmeat) Linux Process Explorer Linux Process Explorer is a graphical process e... DOWNLOAD
orient-keyvalue-server(freshmeat) Orient Key/Value Server Orient Key/Value Server is based on the Documen... DOWNLOAD
funani(freshmeat) Funani The goal of Funani is to solve the management o... DOWNLOAD
secure_portal(freshmeat) Wolf Software Secure Portal Secure Portal is a very simple user portal with... DOWNLOAD
software-release-manager(freshmeat) Wolf Software Software Release Manager Software Release Manager is a simple tool for m... DOWNLOAD
wsapi-proxy(freshmeat) WSAPI Proxy WSAPI Proxy allows you to communicate between a... DOWNLOAD
officiallinksysfirmware(sfnet) Official Linksys Firmware This is an archive of Official Linksys Firmware... DOWNLOAD
glypeproxy(sfnet) Glype Proxy Proxy software written in PHP. DOWNLOAD
groink(freshmeat) GroinK GroinK is an advanced sniffer which supports pr... DOWNLOAD
mcds(freshmeat) mcds mcds is a command line tool primarily used as a... DOWNLOAD
php-backup(freshmeat) PHP Backup PHP Backup is a set of scripts that provides a ... DOWNLOAD
x10(sfnet) X10 X10 is an experimental new language currently u... DOWNLOAD
ghostream(freshmeat) ghostream The ghostream project is centered around defini... DOWNLOAD
chunkit(freshmeat) chunkit chunkit is a console client for the file hostin... DOWNLOAD
mtfmapper(sfnet) MTF mapper A utility to produce MTF (modulation transfer f... DOWNLOAD
fifteen-puzzle(freshmeat) Fifteen Puzzle Fifteen Puzzle is a JavaScript implementation ... DOWNLOAD
ocads(freshmeat) ocAds ocAds (Open Classified Ads) is a PHP script to ... DOWNLOAD
gnustow(freshmeat) GNU Stow GNU Stow is a program for managing the installa... DOWNLOAD
lnamp(sfnet) lnamp lnamp webserve package DOWNLOAD
revj(freshmeat) Reverse Snowflake Joins Reverse Snowflake Joins is a tool that parses S... DOWNLOAD
tlgu(freshmeat) tlgu tlgu is a utility for converting an input file ... DOWNLOAD
hoffman1012wp(sfnet) hoffman1012wp Software DOWNLOAD
sshcure(sfnet) SSHCure SSHCure is an intrusion detection system (IDS) ... DOWNLOAD
fetch-apple-itunes-data(freshmeat) Fetch Apple iTunes data Fetch Apple iTunes data is a PHP class which ca... DOWNLOAD
eclipseresfltr(sfnet) Eclipse Resource Filter Filter files in Eclipse Navigator panel using p... DOWNLOAD
openhpi(freshmeat) OpenHPI Open HPI is an open source project created to p... DOWNLOAD
teyeny(sfnet) tEYEny tEYEny is intended to be a hybrid cloud operati... DOWNLOAD
sparkledroid(freshmeat) SparkleDroid SparkleDroid is a lightweight Android SPARQL cl... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-number-series-cl(freshmeat) Wolf Software Number Series Class Wolf Software Number Series Class is a class th... DOWNLOAD
vmpk(sfnet) Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard VMPK is a virtual MIDI piano keyboard for Linux... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-linked-list-clas(freshmeat) Wolf Software Linked List Class Wolf Software Linked List Class is a pair of cl... DOWNLOAD
mbot(freshmeat) mbot mbot is an IRC bot coded in C++. Its main advan... DOWNLOAD
pynorama(freshmeat) Pynorama Pynorama is an image viewer which is tailored f... DOWNLOAD
libdwarf(freshmeat) libdwarf libdwarf is a library and command line tool for... DOWNLOAD
chain-reaction(freshmeat) Chain Reaction Chain Reaction is a two player game based on th... DOWNLOAD
frhed(sfnet) Frhed Frhed is an binary file editor for Windows. It ... DOWNLOAD
tomplayer(sfnet) TomPlayer A multimedia player for tomtom GPS. DOWNLOAD
spice-gtk(freshmeat) spice-gtk Spice-GTK is a set of GObject and Gtk objects f... DOWNLOAD
gnomes-quest(freshmeat) Gnome's Quest Gnome's Quest is a game that allows fighting an... DOWNLOAD
open-basic(freshmeat) Open Basic interpreter for embedding Open Basic (OB) is an implementation of the BAS... DOWNLOAD
aumix(freshmeat) aumix aumix is a program for adjusting an audio mixer... DOWNLOAD
pidgin-lastfm(sfnet) pidgin-lastfm This Pdgin plugin displays information from you... DOWNLOAD
cpu-usage(freshmeat) cpu-usage cpu-usage is a tool for performance testing, si... DOWNLOAD
eja(sfnet) eja This is a forking and extensible micro web serv... DOWNLOAD
opensixen(sfnet) opensiXen ERP opensiXen ERP open source. opensiXen es una sol... DOWNLOAD
ant-eclipse(sfnet) Ant-Eclipse - Eclipse project generator Ant-Eclipse is a task for the Java build tool A... DOWNLOAD
tracecat(freshmeat) tracecat tracecat is a libcsdbg utility which concatenat... DOWNLOAD
htmlawed(freshmeat) htmLawed htmLawed is a PHP script that makes input text ... DOWNLOAD
hermes-orm(freshmeat) Hermes ORM Hermes is an ORM for Java based on the ActiveRe... DOWNLOAD
tiny-movie-organizer(freshmeat) Tiny Movie Organizer Tiny Movie Organizer helps copy or back up movi... DOWNLOAD
sieve(freshmeat) Sieve Sieve is intended to be an editor for Sieve mai... DOWNLOAD
ipof(freshmeat) ipof ipof is a shell tool which resolves hostnames t... DOWNLOAD
yumpkgs(freshmeat) yumpkgs yumpkgs is a tool to help people download the r... DOWNLOAD

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