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parrotsecurity(sfnet) Parrot Security OS Parrot Security OS is a cloud friendly operatin... DOWNLOAD
niftilib(sfnet) niftilib niftilib is a collection of i/o routines for th... DOWNLOAD
albumlist(sfnet) Album List for Winamp Album List is a WinAMP general plugin that take... DOWNLOAD
imskpe(sfnet) ims klatt parameter editor formant synthesis GUI in GTK2 DOWNLOAD
opendcl(sfnet) OpenDCL OpenDCL is for AutoLISP programmers who want to... DOWNLOAD
pscs(sfnet) Clustered Remoting for Spring framework Alternative implementation of Spring framework ... DOWNLOAD
horstbox(sfnet) horstbox Development of software and alternative firmwar... DOWNLOAD
calemeam(sfnet) CalemEAM - Open Source EAM/CMMS CalemEAM is an open source enterprise asset man... DOWNLOAD
elecans(sfnet) ELECANS A computational model development and simulatio... DOWNLOAD
rssmerge(sfnet) Really Simple RSS merge RSS merge is a simple tool to merge several RSS... DOWNLOAD
log4cplus(sfnet) Logging Framework for C++ log4cplus is a simple to use C++ logging API pr... DOWNLOAD
blackowl(sfnet) BlackOwl MIB Browser Visual MIB Browser that supports getting the MI... DOWNLOAD
struts-wml(sfnet) struts-wml WML taglib for WAP enabled devices. Based on st... DOWNLOAD
petousb(sfnet) PeToUSB PeToUSB is a Win32 GUI application for formatti... DOWNLOAD
desmond(sfnet) desmond core a new runtime core platform DOWNLOAD
zombieapoc(sfnet) Zombie Apocalypse Avoid the zombies! Live as long as you can! DOWNLOAD
novius-os(freshmeat) Novius OS Novius OS is a CMS that takes up the challenge ... DOWNLOAD
umabson(freshmeat) uma::bson uma::bson is a DOM-style C++ API for reading/w... DOWNLOAD
txr(freshmeat) TXR TXR is a new data munging language. TXR's speci... DOWNLOAD
nagios-snmp(sfnet) Nagios snmp plugins A set of Nagios plugins using snmp to monitor h... DOWNLOAD
cookxml(sfnet) CookXml CookXml is a powerful dynamic XML data binding ... DOWNLOAD
mbuni(sfnet) Mbuni: Open Source MMS Gateway Mbuni is a fully-fledged Open Source MMS gatewa... DOWNLOAD
mtr(freshmeat) mtr mtr combines the functionality of the 'tracerou... DOWNLOAD
pidgin-hotkeys(sfnet) Pidgin-Hotkeys A pidgin plugin that allows user to assign glob... DOWNLOAD
wepattack(sfnet) WepAttack Active dictionary attack on WEP keys in WLAN ne... DOWNLOAD
ffgenie(sfnet) FFGenie Assists users to analyse and select players in ... DOWNLOAD
firewall-jay(sfnet) Jay's Iptables Firewall [not maintained anymore] Jay's Iptables Firewal... DOWNLOAD
mpip(sfnet) mpiP mpiP is a lightweight profiling library for MPI... DOWNLOAD
openmandriva(sfnet) OpenMandriva Lx OpenMandriva Lx is an exciting free Desktop Ope... DOWNLOAD
openqrm(freshmeat) openQRM openQRM is a data-center management and cloud c... DOWNLOAD
python-mingw(sfnet) python-mingw This project provides a patched Python distribu... DOWNLOAD
verish(freshmeat) Verish Verish is a language for reasoning that resembl... DOWNLOAD
flatphpbook(sfnet) flatPHPbook A PHP guestbook script that does not require a ... DOWNLOAD
asunder(freshmeat) Asunder Asunder is a graphical audio CD ripper and enco... DOWNLOAD
techlings(sfnet) Tech-Lemmings "techlings" is a lemmings clone writt... DOWNLOAD
gvr(sfnet) Guido van Robot Guido van Robot Educational Programming Language DOWNLOAD
pywebsvcs(sfnet) Web Services for Python Web services for Python programmers, both clien... DOWNLOAD
covtool(sfnet) COVTOOL -- A C++ test coverage analyzer A free test coverage analysis tool for C++. An... DOWNLOAD
nfp-mini(sfnet) Natural Family Planning for J2ME Natural Family Planning(NFP)/Fertility Awarenes... DOWNLOAD
grunt-shell(freshmeat) grunt-shell grunt-shell provides a Grunt task to run shell ... DOWNLOAD
gfarm(sfnet) Gfarm File System Gfarm file system is a network shared file syst... DOWNLOAD
sctools(sfnet) SC Tools Single Click Tools for Remote Desk Top Systems ... DOWNLOAD
eduardosachs(sfnet) eduardosachs files of my page DOWNLOAD
springnet(sfnet) Spring Framework .NET A .NET application framework inspired by the Ja... DOWNLOAD
cdox(sfnet) CDox CDox is a Java program to create, edit and prin... DOWNLOAD
can(sfnet) CAN bus network drivers and utilities The CAN projects aim is to develop and maintain... DOWNLOAD
activex(sfnet) ActiveX Controls An open project for a number of activex control... DOWNLOAD
mysar(sfnet) mysar MySQL Squid Access Report DOWNLOAD
fourierrocks(sfnet) FourierRocks. A WAV file comparison tool FourierWorks is a graphical tool intented to so... DOWNLOAD
storysgml(sfnet) RPG Story SGML StorySGML/StoryEdit are tools to aid masters an... DOWNLOAD
phaosrpg(sfnet) World of Phaos World of Phaos is a browser based RPG written i... DOWNLOAD
dssimpc(sfnet) DSSim-PC The DSSim-PC is the non deterministic version o... DOWNLOAD
thingamablog(sfnet) Thingamablog Thingamablog is a cross-platform, standalone bl... DOWNLOAD
flowcyt(sfnet) Flow Cytometry Data Standards We are developing data standards and software t... DOWNLOAD
inventorymanage(sfnet) Inventory Manager Programa gestor de inventario, sencillo y fiabl... DOWNLOAD
pollen(freshmeat) Pollen Pollen is a Web-based poll application that all... DOWNLOAD
m-pad(sfnet) M-Pad M-Pad is a multifunctional multimedia device wh... DOWNLOAD
pys60(sfnet) PyS60 The Python programming language for S60 mobile ... DOWNLOAD
ksoap2(sfnet) kSOAP2 An efficient, lean, Java SOAP library for const... DOWNLOAD
paud(sfnet) PAUD - Parted And Utilities Disk PAUD is a disk image that contains system utili... DOWNLOAD
ufs2tools(sfnet) ufs2tools - UFS for Windows ufs2tools contains tools for reading ufs (ffs) ... DOWNLOAD
piconflusher(sfnet) PastIconsFlusher PastIconsFlusher will clean out the 'Past Icons... DOWNLOAD
sapia(sfnet) Sapia Open Community The Sapia Open Source Organization intends to o... DOWNLOAD
xacc(sfnet) xacc.ide xacc.ide is a opensource IDE aimed at mainly .N... DOWNLOAD
cw-catalog(sfnet) jCart jCart was superceeded by Tiny Marbles (http://w... DOWNLOAD
mambolaithai(sfnet) MamboLaiThai MamboLaiThai is Mambo Open Source Thai Edition.... DOWNLOAD
pforge(sfnet) ProjectForge ProjectForge is a Web-based solution for projec... DOWNLOAD
nesromtool(sfnet) NES ROM Tool NESRomTool is a command-line based utility for ... DOWNLOAD
qvpdf(sfnet) qvPDF qvPDF is a PDF creator for Windows. It's implem... DOWNLOAD
geany(sfnet) Geany Geany is a small and lightweight integrated dev... DOWNLOAD
rtl8186(sfnet) rtl8186 Alternative firmware and software with open sou... DOWNLOAD
spidersolitaire(sfnet) Spider Solitaire DS Spider Solitaire DS; The classic single player ... DOWNLOAD
web-meetme(sfnet) Web-MeetMe Web-MeetMe is a suite of PHP pages to allow for... DOWNLOAD
forkbeard(sfnet) Forkbeard Forkbeard is Bluetooth™ tools for Windows envir... DOWNLOAD
kbpublisher(sfnet) KnowledgebasePublisher KnowledgebasePublisher is a knowledgebase softw... DOWNLOAD
ps3mediaserver(sfnet) PS3 Media Server PS3 Media Server is a DLNA-compliant UPnP Media... DOWNLOAD
jstatcom(sfnet) jstatcom JStatCom is a software framework that facilitat... DOWNLOAD
sharpshape(sfnet) SharpShape Source code in C# for wrapper classes for Shape... DOWNLOAD
nco(sfnet) NCO netCDF Operators The netCDF Operators, or NCO, are a suite of fi... DOWNLOAD
crisoftricette(sfnet) CrisoftRicette Crisoftricette is a PHP application to store a ... DOWNLOAD
smbnetfs(sfnet) SMBNetFS SMBNetFS is a Linux/FreeBSD filesystem that all... DOWNLOAD
keytouch(sfnet) keyTouch KeyTouch makes it possible to easily configure ... DOWNLOAD
mac-on-linux(sfnet) Mac-On-Linux Mac-on-Linux is a Linux/PPC program that virtua... DOWNLOAD
inavier(sfnet) iNavier iNavier is a Navier Stokes equation solver. It ... DOWNLOAD
autotouch(sfnet) Automatic Touchscreen (AutoTouch) AutoTouch is a toolkit that performs a default ... DOWNLOAD
cvsba(sfnet) cvsba cvsba is an OpenCV wrapper for the well-known S... DOWNLOAD
zkstudio(sfnet) ZK Studio ZK Studio is the project for community collabor... DOWNLOAD
opendynamo(sfnet) OpenDynamo Website Wizard Backup and restore your website in a few clicks... DOWNLOAD
evotingplugin(sfnet) E-Voting Powerpoint Plugin This plug-in works with Microsoft Powerpoint an... DOWNLOAD
picoplwconvert(sfnet) Pico PLW to CSV converter Pico Technology Logging software creates a *.PL... DOWNLOAD
csflex(sfnet) C# Flex A port to C# of a lexical analyzer tool called ... DOWNLOAD
smbldap-tools(sfnet) IDX-smbldap-tools Set of scripts, part of the official Samba proj... DOWNLOAD
microewt(sfnet) microEWT microEWT is a Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) user ... DOWNLOAD
afpfontviewer(sfnet) IBM AFP Font Viewer This project is intended for viewing the ibm fo... DOWNLOAD
opsview(freshmeat) Opsview Opsview Core is a network monitoring software a... DOWNLOAD
oglft(sfnet) OpenGL/FreeType Text Rendering Library OGLFT is an interface library between OpenGL an... DOWNLOAD
opencvmingw(sfnet) opencvmingw This is my build opencv library from MinGW GCC ... DOWNLOAD
skinedit(sfnet) SkinEdit - A GBPVR Skin Editor. SkinEdit is a simple WYSIWYG (What You See is W... DOWNLOAD
astroinfo(sfnet) Astro Info Astro Info is a multi-lingual astronomical ephe... DOWNLOAD
jxa(sfnet) J2ME XMPP API JXA is a Jabber XMPP API for J2ME. This Project... DOWNLOAD

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