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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
ocr2data(sfnet) ocr2data Full OCR stack for document digitalization anal... DOWNLOAD
networkminer(sfnet) NetworkMiner packet analyzer NetworkMiner is a Network Forensic Analysis Too... DOWNLOAD
gmt(freshmeat) Generic Mapping Tools Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) is a free, public-d... DOWNLOAD
openpne(sfnet) OpenPNE OpenPNE is a Social Networking Service Engine w... DOWNLOAD
traceviewer(sfnet) TraceViewer TraceViewer provides several functionalities ne... DOWNLOAD
nmars(sfnet) nMars nMars - Corewars MARS for .NET DOWNLOAD
v4lx-devinfo(sfnet) v4lx-device information This project, v4lx-devinfo provides detailed v4... DOWNLOAD
geodata(sfnet) GeoData & Tools Directory of geoinformational data and metadata... DOWNLOAD
orbada(sfnet) Orbada - Database manager ORBADA is a database, SQL, query client using J... DOWNLOAD
hunsly(sfnet) SocketJS in Java JS-Bridge to Java Socket API. DOWNLOAD
doppler-trek(sfnet) doppler-trek This project tracks the altitude and position o... DOWNLOAD
comicviewernet(sfnet) ComicViewer.NET ComicViewer.NET is a time-saving tool for reade... DOWNLOAD
worldofwarcraft(sfnet) World of Warcraft Launcher This little app will let you launch World of Wa... DOWNLOAD
kicad-lib-wiz(sfnet) KiCad library wizard At the moment its simple command line tool to c... DOWNLOAD
es40(sfnet) AlphaServer ES40 Emulator A portable emulator for the HP (DEC, Compaq) Al... DOWNLOAD
paflow(sfnet) PAFlow PAFlow is an open source document tracking syst... DOWNLOAD
pmaplib(sfnet) The Interactive Atlas A web-based map server for displaying Traveller... DOWNLOAD
ainalyzer(sfnet) AINalyzer An Artificial Intelligence based software writt... DOWNLOAD
browsershots(sfnet) Browsershots Browsershots is a system for capturing screensh... DOWNLOAD
scrotter(freshmeat) Scrotter Scrotter allows users to place a screenshot fr... DOWNLOAD
integrated-data-viewer(freshmeat) Integrated Data Viewer The Integrated Data Viewer (IDV) is a framework... DOWNLOAD
butil(sfnet) backup utility backups files, folders using AES-256; win, own ... DOWNLOAD
ptkgb(sfnet) Python Tk Gui Builder Python Tk Gui Builder allows python programmers... DOWNLOAD
aionengine(sfnet) Aion Engine Introduction Aion Engine is a Closed Source Pro... DOWNLOAD
jwebunit(sfnet) JWebUnit JWebUnit is a Java-based framework for testing ... DOWNLOAD
pc-viewer(sfnet) Explorer PC Viewer PC Viewer is an advanced explorer with tabs and... DOWNLOAD
taprats(sfnet) Taprats Taprats is a Java applet that implements an isl... DOWNLOAD
abanq-mx(sfnet) AbanQ-MX This is a fork of AbanQ 2.3, 2.2 and 2.1. Inclu... DOWNLOAD
edutrac(sfnet) eduTrac College Management System eduTrac is a free and open source college manag... DOWNLOAD
bascom-avr(sfnet) Bascom-AVR Programmbeispiele Programmbeispiele aus ISBN 078-3-907857-14-4 DOWNLOAD
sormula(sfnet) Sormula Powerful ORM (Object Relational Mapping) for Ja... DOWNLOAD
akiralinux(sfnet) akiraLINUX akiraLINUX - Linux für den Desktop akiraLINUX ... DOWNLOAD
flavia(sfnet) flavia The purpose of this program is to teach a compu... DOWNLOAD
openda(sfnet) open_data_assimilation Generic data-assimilation toolbox written in ja... DOWNLOAD
sawin32(sfnet) SpamAssassin for Win32 SpamAssassin for Win32 is a free and powerful a... DOWNLOAD
robocoprobocopy(sfnet) RoboCop RoboCopy RoboCop RoboCopy is a GUI skin and script gener... DOWNLOAD
jpbxlite(sfnet) jpbxlite jPBXLite is a Java-based PBX. Supports SIP ex... DOWNLOAD
datepicker(sfnet) Java Swing Date Picker Date Picker is a Java Swing visual utility that... DOWNLOAD
j-renamer(sfnet) J-Renamer "J" Renamer is a tiny win32 batch she... DOWNLOAD
pytellurium(sfnet) Tellurium Tellurium (te.) is a Python environment based o... DOWNLOAD
slideproject(sfnet) SlideProject OS neutral (Java) slide show program for the pr... DOWNLOAD
cdvcounter(sfnet) CDVCounter Win32 app for analog Geiger Counters such as th... DOWNLOAD
vivid-sources(sfnet) vivid-sources mmvivid,vv_e,mmvv_e id deprecated. vivid - is ... DOWNLOAD
collabtive(sfnet) Collabtive Collabtive is web based collaboration software.... DOWNLOAD
palmdosbox(sfnet) PalmDOSBox DosBox port for PalmOS 5.0 and higher DOWNLOAD
openomr(sfnet) OpenOMR OpenOMR is an open source optical music recogni... DOWNLOAD
cocoaftpclient(sfnet) FTPClient - MacOS X Cocoa FTP Client FTPClient is a simple FREE FTP client written u... DOWNLOAD
tinygo(sfnet) Tiny Go Tiny Go is a MIDlet (cell phone application, MI... DOWNLOAD
auralquiz(freshmeat) Auralquiz Auralquiz is a simple music quiz game that uses... DOWNLOAD
multiselect(sfnet) multiselect support multiselect or singleselect for object... DOWNLOAD
numipad(sfnet) NUMIPAD The NUMIPAD library implements several methods/... DOWNLOAD
libxor(freshmeat) LibXOR LibXOR is an Objective C library for encrypting... DOWNLOAD
hacker-contest(sfnet) hacker-contest Hacker-Contest ist ein Strategiespiel, dass zur... DOWNLOAD
starruml(sfnet) * UML (StarrUML) Executable UML command-line interpeter and meta... DOWNLOAD
oirlis(sfnet) oirlis This site was created with the aim of serving i... DOWNLOAD
queryexplus(sfnet) Query ExPlus Database Query Tool - MS Query Analyzer look-al... DOWNLOAD
screenshot-sos(sfnet) Screenshot for Symbian OS Screenshot for Symbian OS is an application to ... DOWNLOAD
ibft(sfnet) iSCSI Boot Firmware Table utilities iSCSI Boot Firmware Table utilities DOWNLOAD
bmcsensors-26(sfnet) lm_sensors bmcsensors port to Linux 2.6 A port of the lm_sensors bmcsensors driver to L... DOWNLOAD
aruco(sfnet) ArUco ArUco is a minimal library for Augmented Realit... DOWNLOAD
xmanager(sfnet) XManager xmanager is an opensource CMS which uses PHP5 (... DOWNLOAD
jqportal(sfnet) jqportal Another jQuery plugin used to easily create you... DOWNLOAD
aegis(sfnet) Aegis Aegis is a transaction-based software configura... DOWNLOAD
autogg(sfnet) Autogg - the Automatic Ogg Player Autogg is an ogg player for linux. It will auto... DOWNLOAD
jeasyopc(sfnet) JEasyOPC Java Easy OPC client. The client is based on Ja... DOWNLOAD
j-share(sfnet) J-Share JShare is a simple local network (LAN) file sha... DOWNLOAD
cilkpp(freshmeat) Cilk++ Cilk++ is a parallel variant of the C++ program... DOWNLOAD
fudaa(sfnet) Fudaa Fudaa is an Object Oriented and Distributed Int... DOWNLOAD
sarge(sfnet) SARGE SARGE - Search And Rescue Game Environment is a... DOWNLOAD
arcnet-core(sfnet) PM20100 ARCNET network controller core, descriped in VH... DOWNLOAD
libint(sfnet) libint Libint is a software stack for computing integr... DOWNLOAD
jisql(sfnet) jisql Jisql is a Java based utility to provide a comm... DOWNLOAD
lanthappy(sfnet) lanthappy lanthappylanthappylanthappy DOWNLOAD
remomysqlviewer(sfnet) Remote MySQL Viewer Simple viewer and modifier for MySQL database's... DOWNLOAD
objdump(sfnet) ObjDump objDump, a small Java framework that dumps any ... DOWNLOAD
mediablog(sfnet) MediaBlog This project is an open source p2pTV, based on ... DOWNLOAD
javaplistreader(sfnet) Plist Reader and Writer library This library is developed to read and write Pro... DOWNLOAD
xoopsfrance(sfnet) Xoops France Publication du réseau francophone de Xoops (tra... DOWNLOAD
irc-chat(sfnet) Advanced IRC Chat Program (VB + VB.Net) an IRC chatting application with many advanced ... DOWNLOAD
openprj(sfnet) openprj this is for test in vfp9 DOWNLOAD
jetris(sfnet) Jetris - A Java based Tetris clone Jetris is a Java based Tetris clone. It can be ... DOWNLOAD
luacv(sfnet) LuaCV LuaCV is OpenCV library wrapper for Lua languag... DOWNLOAD
openimgmanager(sfnet) OpenImageManager OpenImageManager, the new Opensource Image Mana... DOWNLOAD
tntconcept(sfnet) TNTConcept Moved to GitHub DOWNLOAD
openscenegraph(sfnet) OpenSceneGraph The OpenSceneGraph (OSG) is a cross platform C+... DOWNLOAD
squid-graph(sfnet) Squid Graph Squid Graph is a free, simple, yet powerful Squ... DOWNLOAD
lapack(freshmeat) LAPACK LAPACK is a linear algebra library, based on LI... DOWNLOAD
shellp(freshmeat) Shellp Shellp is a shell helper library. It is intend... DOWNLOAD
text2speech(sfnet) Text2Speech Text2Speech is a small and easy to use Text To ... DOWNLOAD
sidplay-residfp(sfnet) libsidplayfp Libsidplayfp (and its console frontend sidplayf... DOWNLOAD
herskowkinesin(sfnet) herskowkinesin Discrete State Kinesin Model. Please see our pa... DOWNLOAD
symphonic(sfnet) Symphonic A portable MP3/WMA/OGG/FLAC file manager for So... DOWNLOAD
wideimage(sfnet) WideImage WideImage is an object-oriented PHP image libra... DOWNLOAD
iqr(sfnet) iqr large-scale neural systems simulator iqr is a simulation software to graphically des... DOWNLOAD
automouse(sfnet) StevenSof Automouse Ein Programm das Mausklicks simuliert. Mit frei... DOWNLOAD
delphi-dx9sdk(sfnet) Delphi DirectX 9.0 headers / SDK Delphi DirectX 9 SDK DOWNLOAD
dxf(sfnet) DXF DXF Viewer and Editor (Lines- Arcs - Circles - ... DOWNLOAD
pdaxrom(sfnet) pdaXrom pdaXrom-ng is a build system for creating boota... DOWNLOAD
kafs(sfnet) kafs A simple KDE interface for managing the ACL of ... DOWNLOAD
securepoint(sfnet) OpenVPN Client Windows OpenVPN GUI for Windows. DOWNLOAD

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