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fvnc(freshmeat) FVNC FVNC is a scaling version of the Xt-based vncvi... DOWNLOAD
buffer(freshmeat) bfr bfr maintains a buffer of data collected from s... DOWNLOAD
e4graph(freshmeat) e4Graph e4Graph is a C++ library that allows programs t... DOWNLOAD
chit(freshmeat) Chit Chit is a template based generator for textual ... DOWNLOAD
pof(freshmeat) phpObjectForms phpObjectForms is a fully object-oriented, high... DOWNLOAD
xwine(freshmeat) XWine XWine is a graphical user interface for the WIN... DOWNLOAD
kickpim(freshmeat) KickPIM KickPIM is an applet for KDE's Kicker panel whi... DOWNLOAD
ruby-gst(freshmeat) Ruby/GStreamer Ruby-GStreamer is a set of Ruby bindings for th... DOWNLOAD
pgets(freshmeat) pgets pgets is a tool to read stored call accounting ... DOWNLOAD
phpdocsystem(freshmeat) PHP Doc System PHP Doc System allows developers to create modu... DOWNLOAD
ep2(freshmeat) Embedded Perl Embedded Perl is a C++ wrapper around the Perl ... DOWNLOAD
jgrapht(freshmeat) JGraphT JGraphT is a free Java graph library that provi... DOWNLOAD
pgsqlclient(freshmeat) PgSqlClient PgSqlClient is an ADO.NET Data provider for Pos... DOWNLOAD
horde-agora(freshmeat) Horde Agora Agora is a forums application integrated with t... DOWNLOAD
zuuld(freshmeat) ZUUL The Gatekeeper ZUUL (The Gatekeeper) is intended to operate on... DOWNLOAD
netenv(freshmeat) Netenv Netenv is a tool for simplifying the localisati... DOWNLOAD
webmin-fsacls(freshmeat) webmin fsacls webmin-fsacls is a Webmin module aimed at manag... DOWNLOAD
libmplite(freshmeat) libmplite libmplite is a library which provides a minimal... DOWNLOAD
libmultival(freshmeat) libmultival libmultival is a C++ class library for multi-pr... DOWNLOAD
subnetcalc(freshmeat) SubnetCalc SubnectCalc is an IP subnet calculator for MacO... DOWNLOAD
openpms(freshmeat) openPMS openPMS is an HIPAA compliant medical billing, ... DOWNLOAD
pam_cracklib(freshmeat) solaris-friendly pam_cracklib solaris-friendly pam_cracklib is a reimplementa... DOWNLOAD
osx-java-launcher-demo(freshmeat) OSX-Java-Launcher-Demo OSX-Java-Launcher-Demo is an Ant task to demons... DOWNLOAD
blinkensim(freshmeat) blinkensim blinkensim is a graphical Blinkenlights simulat... DOWNLOAD
imagealbum(freshmeat) ImageAlbum ImageAlbum is an easy-to-use Web application fo... DOWNLOAD
dar-(freshmeat) DAR DAR is a framework for building packages in cle... DOWNLOAD
caffeine_net(freshmeat) Caffeine.NET Caffeine is a free high-performance interoperab... DOWNLOAD
kblticker(freshmeat) KDE BlogLines ticker This small application sits in the KDE system t... DOWNLOAD
jsmovie(freshmeat) jsMovie jsMovie is a bash script that produces Javascri... DOWNLOAD
bago(freshmeat) BAGO Hospitality BAGO Hospitality is an application that is suit... DOWNLOAD
jacpi(freshmeat) Java ACPI Java ACPI enables the user to view battery perc... DOWNLOAD
isdnserver(freshmeat) Isdnserver Isdnserver is a server that can decode the hex ... DOWNLOAD
kisdnmonitor(freshmeat) Kisdnmonitor Kisdnmonitor is a KDE applet for isdnserver. It... DOWNLOAD
yaccc(freshmeat) yaccc yaccc (yet another cyan chat client) is a comma... DOWNLOAD
bemused(freshmeat) Bemused Bemused is a system which allows you to control... DOWNLOAD
lmc(freshmeat) logan's multimedia console logan's multimedia console is a xine-lib and re... DOWNLOAD
elilo(freshmeat) elilo elilo is a bootloader for EFI machines. It supp... DOWNLOAD
leoarg(freshmeat) LeoArg LeoArg is a simple C++ command line parser libr... DOWNLOAD
slrnconf(freshmeat) Slrnconf With nearly all aspects covered, slrnconf eases... DOWNLOAD
jedison(freshmeat) jEDISON jEDISON is a Java port of the image segmentatio... DOWNLOAD
accela(freshmeat) ACCELA ACCELA is a library of wrapper classes for the ... DOWNLOAD
smt(freshmeat) Syslog Management Tool The Syslog Management Tool (SMT) is a Web-based... DOWNLOAD
python-dbo(freshmeat) dbo dbo is yet another database object framework wr... DOWNLOAD
voruta(freshmeat) Voruta Voruta reduces JDBC code in application, and ma... DOWNLOAD
wmappl(freshmeat) wmappl wmappl is a scrolling application launcher for ... DOWNLOAD
halizo(freshmeat) Halizo Halizo is a Web application similar to freshmea... DOWNLOAD
tk5(freshmeat) tk5 tk5 is a configuration tool for the ICOM IC-R5 ... DOWNLOAD
g2f_io(freshmeat) Graphics File Formats Io Graphics File Formats Io is an Ada 95 binding t... DOWNLOAD
dw(freshmeat) dhcpd-wrapper dhcpd-wrapper is a set of shell scripts to make... DOWNLOAD
rcfm(freshmeat) rcfm RCFM is a remote-controlled file manager that a... DOWNLOAD
linuxsms(freshmeat) linuxsms Linuxsms is a Perl script to send SMS to GSM ph... DOWNLOAD
kuake(freshmeat) Kuake Kuake is a KDE terminal application which resem... DOWNLOAD
ipony(freshmeat) i-Pony i-Pony is a lightweight pub/sub integration fra... DOWNLOAD
pyldaw(freshmeat) pyldaw pyldaw is a Python wrapper for Local Delivery A... DOWNLOAD
afwd(freshmeat) afwd afwd is a Linux kernel module and userspace dae... DOWNLOAD
middleman(freshmeat) MiddleMan Middleman is a robust proxy server with many fe... DOWNLOAD
comicviewer(freshmeat) ComicViewer ComicViewer is a program that displays online c... DOWNLOAD
qppp(freshmeat) QPPP QPPP is a PPP dialer for Red Hat Linux. It lets... DOWNLOAD
httpfetcher(freshmeat) HTTP Fetcher HTTP Fetcher is a small, robust, flexible libra... DOWNLOAD
gbabel(freshmeat) gbabel gbabel is a small GTK translation tool. It curr... DOWNLOAD
zonecheck(freshmeat) ZoneCheck ZoneCheck is intended to help solve DNS misconf... DOWNLOAD
ircdefender(freshmeat) IRC Defender IRC Defender is a Perl program for protecting y... DOWNLOAD
bbszilla(freshmeat) BBSzilla BBSzilla is an extension for Mozilla-based brow... DOWNLOAD
fookb(freshmeat) fookb Fookb is an Xkb state indicator. It can be comp... DOWNLOAD
pclasses(freshmeat) P::Classes P::Classes is a portable, high performance C++ ... DOWNLOAD
liborapp(freshmeat) ORAPP - Oracle OCI C++ Interface Library ORAPP is a programmatic API written in C++ arou... DOWNLOAD
pws(freshmeat) Pegasi Web Server Pegasi Web Server (PWS) is a multithreading Jav... DOWNLOAD
votmic(freshmeat) votmic votmic is a Web voting system for small virtual... DOWNLOAD
tkispell(freshmeat) Perl/Tk Ispell Perl/Tk Ispell allows users with the X Window S... DOWNLOAD
bcwb(freshmeat) Business Card Web Builder Business Card Web Builder is a WYSIWYG content ... DOWNLOAD
ssm(freshmeat) SpiralSynthModular SpiralSynth Modular (or SSM) is an object orien... DOWNLOAD
ir_pl(freshmeat) Airline Irregular Ops Airline Irregular Ops is a CGI script for intra... DOWNLOAD
luala(freshmeat) The Lucene Application Layer LUALA is an acronym for LUcene Application LAye... DOWNLOAD
rss2html(freshmeat) rss2html rss2html will take RSS RDF files that any numbe... DOWNLOAD
knowit(freshmeat) KnowIt KnowIt is a simple KDE tool for managing notes... DOWNLOAD
russianmafia(freshmeat) Russian Mafia Russian Mafia is a multiplayer IRC game impleme... DOWNLOAD
yakrk(freshmeat) Yakrk Yakrk is yet another kernel rootkit for Linux. ... DOWNLOAD
checkpassword-ldap(freshmeat) Checkpassword-LDAP Checkpassword-LDAP is an implementation of an L... DOWNLOAD
tkscript(freshmeat) tkscript tkscript is a JIT-accelerated C-like scripting ... DOWNLOAD
kerncob(freshmeat) KernCob KernCob is a project that aims to create a sta... DOWNLOAD
1fcdbsd(freshmeat) One Floppy CD Audio and MP3 Player One Floppy CD Audio and MP3 Player is based on ... DOWNLOAD
spellerpages(freshmeat) Speller Pages Speller Pages is a Web interface and JavaScript... DOWNLOAD
callplot(freshmeat) Callplot Callplot is a tool for drawing "call-flow&... DOWNLOAD
pyshaper(freshmeat) pyshaper pyshaper is a simple yet very versatile dynamic... DOWNLOAD
ipspace(freshmeat) IPSpace IPSpace allows a group of people to maintain re... DOWNLOAD
gtkkanjipad(freshmeat) gtkkanjipad gtkkanjipad is a GTK widget for Japanese (kanji... DOWNLOAD
opa(freshmeat) OPA OPA is a Java GUI application framework that p... DOWNLOAD
funct(freshmeat) funct The program funct is devoted to the (numerical)... DOWNLOAD
rrfw(freshmeat) Round Robin Database Framework RRFW is designed to be a universal data-oriente... DOWNLOAD
toshibahci(freshmeat) toshiba_hci toshiba_hci works by using the Intel SMM interf... DOWNLOAD
quake2forge(freshmeat) Quake2Forge Quake2Forge is a portable, stable Quake II engi... DOWNLOAD
autopkg_pl(freshmeat) The main goal of is to build softwar... DOWNLOAD
dagrab-s(freshmeat) dagrab-S dagrab-S is a command-line tool for ripping aud... DOWNLOAD
perl4caml(freshmeat) perl4caml perl4caml allows you to use Perl code within Ob... DOWNLOAD
lpdspooler(freshmeat) LPD in Java LPD in Java is an implementation of the LPD (li... DOWNLOAD
lachesis(freshmeat) Lachesis IRCRPG Combat Engine Lachesis is an IRCRPG combat engine written in ... DOWNLOAD
eltclsh(freshmeat) eltclsh eltclsh (editline Tcl shell) is an interactive ... DOWNLOAD
ant8(freshmeat) Anthill Build Manager Anthill is a tool that ensures a controlled bui... DOWNLOAD
quica(freshmeat) QUICA QUICA is a Web interface to manage various aspe... DOWNLOAD
pylets(freshmeat) Pylets Pylets is a fast, lightweight, aspect-oriented ... DOWNLOAD

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