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atofont(freshmeat) ATOFont ATOFont is a small library that is used to draw... DOWNLOAD
httpmail-plugin(freshmeat) httpmail plugin httpmail plugin is a plugin for the Mac OS X Ma... DOWNLOAD
jail_cp(freshmeat) Jail Chroot Project Jail is a chrooted environment engine, designed... DOWNLOAD
saajoby(freshmeat) SAA-(SSPLab Audio Analyzer) SAA is a tool for analyzing audio signals in te... DOWNLOAD
js2mouse(freshmeat) js2mouse Js2mouse converts joystick events into mouse ev... DOWNLOAD
ideajad(freshmeat) IdeaJad IdeaJad is a free plugin that allows you to dec... DOWNLOAD
phpnewsreader(freshmeat) PhpNewsReader PhpNewsReader is a Web interface for reading an... DOWNLOAD
lakai(freshmeat) Lakai Lakai is a small set of tools (plus a link libr... DOWNLOAD
mcov(freshmeat) MCOV MCOV (Monte Carlo Option Valuer) uses a Monte C... DOWNLOAD
nnplaying(freshmeat) Noatun Now Playing Noatun Now Playing is a plugin for Noatun, whic... DOWNLOAD
sqlminus(freshmeat) sqlminus sqlminus is a configurable SQL client. It featu... DOWNLOAD
pineapple3(freshmeat) Pineapple 3 Pineapple 3 is a small 3D shooter game. The pla... DOWNLOAD
bscript(freshmeat) BScript BScript is a simple BASIC interpreter. It's por... DOWNLOAD
irate(freshmeat) iRATE radio iRATE radio provides users with a powerful new ... DOWNLOAD
mdyndns(freshmeat) mdyndns Mdyndns is a small client. It only s... DOWNLOAD
gtask(freshmeat) gTask gTask is a daemon and client library that allow... DOWNLOAD
perlprinterinfo(freshmeat) perlPrinterInfo perlPrinterInfo displays the most important inf... DOWNLOAD
id3panel_framework(freshmeat) ID3 Panel Framework ID3Panel.framework is a Cocoa panel framework t... DOWNLOAD
chainmail(freshmeat) Chainmail Milter Chainmail Milter is a Sendmail mail filter (mil... DOWNLOAD
gtk-chtheme(freshmeat) gtk+ 2.0 Change Theme gtk+ 2.0 Change Theme is a tiny GUI application... DOWNLOAD
ivam(freshmeat) ISDN Voice Box Answering Machine ivam (ISDN Voice Box Answering Machine) is a te... DOWNLOAD
waproamd(freshmeat) waproamd waproamd is a Linux WLAN roaming daemon for IEE... DOWNLOAD
smtp2sms(freshmeat) SMTP2SMS SMTP2SMS is an SMS client for sending SMS to th... DOWNLOAD
darwine(freshmeat) Darwine The Darwine project is a port of WINE to Mac OS... DOWNLOAD
xmmplayer(freshmeat) XMMPlayer XMMPlayer is an input plugin for XMMS that uses... DOWNLOAD
qinstall-bash(freshmeat) Qinstall-Bash Qinstall-Bash is a script that installs the Qma... DOWNLOAD
projectory(freshmeat) Projectory Projectory is a platform-independent, Web-enabl... DOWNLOAD
jpride(freshmeat) Java PriDE PriDE is a thin and high-performance Java O/R m... DOWNLOAD
streamit(freshmeat) StreamIt StreamIt is a generic media streamer. It contai... DOWNLOAD
fliv(freshmeat) FL-Inventor FL-Inventor is a 3D/VR portable toolkit. DOWNLOAD
keso(freshmeat) Keso Keso is an editor for scores and orchestras. Or... DOWNLOAD
whereskal(freshmeat) WheresKal WheresKal is a chatbot which was created with t... DOWNLOAD
kxmltvguide(freshmeat) kxmltvguide kxmltvguide is a TV guide kicker applet for KDE... DOWNLOAD
check_lexprn(freshmeat) Check Lexmark Printer Check Lexmark Printer is a Nagios plugin for Le... DOWNLOAD
mkxvcd(freshmeat) is a shell script that creates a VBR ... DOWNLOAD
giftoxic(freshmeat) giFToxic giFToxic is a GTK 2-based client for giFT DOWNLOAD
bibgrep(freshmeat) bibgrep Bibgrep indexes and efficiently searches BibTex... DOWNLOAD
qf-lib(freshmeat) Quantity/Formatter Library Quantity/Formatter Library is a Java library de... DOWNLOAD
cgterm(freshmeat) CGTerm CGTerm is a set of telnet and chat clients that... DOWNLOAD
myxtree(freshmeat) myXTree myXTree is an interface to an SQL tree. It allo... DOWNLOAD
docbook-utils(freshmeat) docbook-utils docbook-utils contains scripts for easy convers... DOWNLOAD
jumper(freshmeat) Jumper Jumper is a program for the search and analysis... DOWNLOAD
rss-im(freshmeat) RSS-IM Gateway The RSS-IM Gateway allows you to let visitors ... DOWNLOAD
postphpix(freshmeat) postPHPix postPHPix is a PHP interface to manage a mail s... DOWNLOAD
sodipodi(freshmeat) Sodipodi Sodipodi is a general purpose vector drawing ap... DOWNLOAD
pyrtreport(freshmeat) py Request Tracker Report py Request Tracker Report is a set of tools fo... DOWNLOAD
wkb(freshmeat) Web Knowledge Base WKB allows users to upload files and informatio... DOWNLOAD
gtyper(freshmeat) Gtyper Gtyper is GUI program which uses a GTK+ and GNO... DOWNLOAD
gentle-db(freshmeat) gentle-db gentle-db is designed to allow anyone to create... DOWNLOAD
pmf(freshmeat) Poor Man's Flight PMF is a set of integrated tools for DB2 databa... DOWNLOAD
beaglepuppy(freshmeat) BEAGLE Puppy BEAGLE Puppy is a C++ library for genetic progr... DOWNLOAD
a2ping(freshmeat) a2ping is a Unix command line utility that conv... DOWNLOAD
jpgpmime(freshmeat) PGPMime for Java PGPMime for Java extends Sun's JavaMail API by ... DOWNLOAD
netics(freshmeat) netics netics is an extensible network statistics coll... DOWNLOAD
pyvoicechat(freshmeat) pY! Voice Chat pY! Voice Chat is a voice chat program for Yaho... DOWNLOAD
whitenoise(freshmeat) whitenoise whitenoise is a small utility that turns your c... DOWNLOAD
class_protect_picture(freshmeat) class_protect_picture class_protect_picture is a PHP class which can ... DOWNLOAD
mls(freshmeat) MailListStat MailListStat is a tool that generates useful st... DOWNLOAD
freehtmltemplate(freshmeat) Free Htmltemplate Free Htmltemplate is a high-performance HTML te... DOWNLOAD
evrouter(freshmeat) EvRouter EvRouter reads events from the Linux input laye... DOWNLOAD
pyfind2(freshmeat) pyFind2 pyFind2 is a simple Find File utility. DOWNLOAD
blutulip(freshmeat) Blu Tulip Blu Tulip is a GNUstep and Cocoa image editor t... DOWNLOAD
anthill(freshmeat) Anthill Anthill is a bug tracking database system writt... DOWNLOAD
tkfox(freshmeat) tkFOX tkFOX is a set of bindings for the FOX GUI tool... DOWNLOAD
xmlbench(freshmeat) XML Benchmark XML Benchmark is a C/C++/Java XML parsers bench... DOWNLOAD
qsoapman(freshmeat) Qt SOAP Manager Qt SOAP Manager is a GUI tool for sending SOAP ... DOWNLOAD
jibs(freshmeat) Java Image Browser Sorter JIBS provides full-screen slide shows, image so... DOWNLOAD
synaptic(freshmeat) Synaptic Synaptic is a graphical frontend for APT. It fe... DOWNLOAD
yyac(freshmeat) YYAC YAC is "Yet Another Component" object... DOWNLOAD
fakepop(freshmeat) fakepop fakepop is a POP3 server with a difference: the... DOWNLOAD
checkcrc(freshmeat) check CRC check is a simple commandline utility to calcul... DOWNLOAD
ws2500pc(freshmeat) Device::WS2500PC The Decvice::WS2500PC Perl package allows you t... DOWNLOAD
potnia(freshmeat) Potnia Potnia is subject gateway software developed f... DOWNLOAD
tk-browser(freshmeat) Tk::Browser Tk::Browser contains a several modules to brows... DOWNLOAD
liarliar(freshmeat) Liar Liar LiarLiar is a computerized voice stress analysi... DOWNLOAD
adrian(freshmeat) Adrian Adrian is an RPG using the OpenGL and SDL libra... DOWNLOAD
eskuel(freshmeat) eSKUeL eSKUeL is MySQL database managment tool written... DOWNLOAD
autofsm(freshmeat) Automated Finite State Machine Automated Finite State Machine (AutoFSM) is an ... DOWNLOAD
zinf(freshmeat) Zinf Zinf is an MP3/Vorbis/CD audio player with juke... DOWNLOAD
bbrun(freshmeat) BBrun BBrun is a run window for Blackbox with dropdow... DOWNLOAD
initscriptsgeneric(freshmeat) initscripts-generic initscripts-generic is a modified version of th... DOWNLOAD
netcallback(freshmeat) NetCallback NetCallback is a Java application permitting th... DOWNLOAD
dejagnu(freshmeat) DejaGNU DejaGnu is a framework for testing other progra... DOWNLOAD
papaan(freshmeat) Papaan Papaan is an XML publishing framework based on ... DOWNLOAD
omail-admin(freshmeat) oMail-admin oMail-admin is a PHP-based Web frontend to qmai... DOWNLOAD
clanbomber(freshmeat) ClanBomber ClanBomber is a Bomberman-like multiplayer game... DOWNLOAD
solarwolf(freshmeat) SolarWolf SolarWolf is an action/arcade game written enti... DOWNLOAD
libbubblemon(freshmeat) libbubblemon libbubblemon is a library for making bubbling m... DOWNLOAD
nfcount(freshmeat) nfcount nfcount is a tool for counting network traffic ... DOWNLOAD
id3iconv(freshmeat) ID3iconv ID3iconv is a Java command line tool to convert... DOWNLOAD
javawizardcomponent(freshmeat) JavaWizardComponent The Java Wizard Component is a Swing component ... DOWNLOAD
e2plug(freshmeat) E2 Gaim Plugin The E2 Gaim Plugin replaces text in your instan... DOWNLOAD
lsb-fhs(freshmeat) lsb-fhs lsb-fhs tests the Filesystem Hierarchy aspects ... DOWNLOAD
karmack(freshmeat) Karmack Karmack is an amusing CPU load monitor applet f... DOWNLOAD
libcfgplus(freshmeat) libcfg+ libcfg+ is a C library that features multi- com... DOWNLOAD
pipemore(freshmeat) PipeMore PipeMore is a utility to be used as the last of... DOWNLOAD
gmodconfig(freshmeat) gmodconfig gmodconfig provides a simple way for end- users... DOWNLOAD
marelle(freshmeat) Marelle Marelle implements a Marelle Triple game. DOWNLOAD
randomcsp(freshmeat) RandomCsp RandomCsp is a set of C++ classes and a set of ... DOWNLOAD
ng_netflow(freshmeat) ng_netflow Netflow is a de-facto standard of traffic analy... DOWNLOAD

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