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phpldapadmin(freshmeat) phpLDAPadmin phpLDAPadmin is a Web-based LDAP administration... DOWNLOAD
erdtext(freshmeat) ERDtext ERDtext is a simple text file viewer that is pa... DOWNLOAD
linuxclc-driver(freshmeat) Linux CLC driver Linux CLC driver is a Linux 2.4 driver for Indr... DOWNLOAD
libwbxml(freshmeat) WBXML Library The WBXML Library is a C library for handling W... DOWNLOAD
liquibase(freshmeat) LiquiBase LiquiBase is a DBMS-independent library for tra... DOWNLOAD
mjpeg(freshmeat) mjpeg tools Mjpeg tools is a suite of programs which suppor... DOWNLOAD
artipacs(freshmeat) artiPACS The artiPACS (Art in a Picture Archive) is a da... DOWNLOAD
winzig(freshmeat) Winzig Winzig is suite of a PIM style applications wri... DOWNLOAD
doxygenfilter(freshmeat) Perl Doxygen Filter DoxygenFilter is an input filter for Doxygen. I... DOWNLOAD
anchor(freshmeat) Anchor Anchor automatically adds curly braces and semi... DOWNLOAD
gip(freshmeat) Gip Internet Protocol Calculator Gip is a GNOME application for making IP addres... DOWNLOAD
fest-reflect(freshmeat) FEST-Reflect FEST-Reflect is a Java library that provides a ... DOWNLOAD
sigma-ajax-builder(freshmeat) Sigma Visual builder Sigma Visual builder is a WYSIWYG tool for rapi... DOWNLOAD
libstldb4(freshmeat) libstldb4 libstldb4 is a C++ wrapper for the sleepycat db... DOWNLOAD
ion(freshmeat) Ion Ion is a tiling (no overlapping windows) window... DOWNLOAD
logdistiller(freshmeat) LogDistiller LogDistiller is a log files merge and sort tool... DOWNLOAD
avis_client_c(freshmeat) Avis client library for C The Avis client library is a C API for clients ... DOWNLOAD
mondriandv(freshmeat) Mondrian Data Visualizer Mondrian is a general purpose statistical data ... DOWNLOAD
linux-distribution(freshmeat) Linux::Distribution Linux::Distribution tries to detect the Linux d... DOWNLOAD
idlescreen(freshmeat) The Idle Screen Project The Idle Screen Project is a collection of scre... DOWNLOAD
xdx(freshmeat) xdx Xdx is a client to connect to a DX-cluster for ... DOWNLOAD
wmx(freshmeat) wmx wmx is a window manager based on wm2. It retain... DOWNLOAD
fig2ps(freshmeat) fig2ps fig2ps is a script for converting xfig files to... DOWNLOAD
ai-megahal(freshmeat) AI::MegaHAL AI::MegaHAL provides Perl bindings to the modif... DOWNLOAD
raidrec(freshmeat) raidrec raidrec is a tool that can reconstruct certain ... DOWNLOAD
minorfs(freshmeat) MinorFs MinorFS combines a small set of cooperating use... DOWNLOAD
gdml(freshmeat) Geometry Description Markup Language GDML is a markup language specifically designed... DOWNLOAD
asithappens(freshmeat) AsItHappens AsItHappens is a real-time network statistics c... DOWNLOAD
paintown(freshmeat) Paintown Paintown is a 2D fighting game in the same styl... DOWNLOAD
pbzip2(freshmeat) Parallel BZIP2 PBZIP2 is a parallel implementation of the bzip... DOWNLOAD
gambatte(freshmeat) Gambatte Gambatte is an accuracy-focused, cross-platform... DOWNLOAD
asql(freshmeat) Apache SQL analyser asql allows you to run SQL queries against log ... DOWNLOAD
cellcv(freshmeat) CellCV The CellCV project is a C/C++ computer vision p... DOWNLOAD
jabbot(freshmeat) jabbot jabbot lets you write Jabber bots in a matter o... DOWNLOAD
pyschopyretic(freshmeat) Psychopyretic Psychopyretic is a dungeon-based platformer gam... DOWNLOAD
xen-tools(freshmeat) xen-tools xen-tools is a collection of scripts that allow... DOWNLOAD
cwallpaper(freshmeat) CWallpaper CWallpaper is a front end for fbsetbg, Esetroot... DOWNLOAD
nodedirector(freshmeat) Node Director The Node Director is a system management applic... DOWNLOAD
mlmmj(freshmeat) mlmmj mlmmj (Mailing List Managing Made Joyful) is a ... DOWNLOAD
gcupload-maven-plugin(freshmeat) Google Code Upload Maven Plugin Google Code Upload Maven Plugin is a Maven plug... DOWNLOAD
joe(freshmeat) joe JOE (Joe's own editor) has the feel of most IBM... DOWNLOAD
notestasks(freshmeat) Notes/Tasks Notes/Tasks is a GTD compatible multi-platform ... DOWNLOAD
tijmp(freshmeat) tijmp Tijmp is a small and fast memory profiler for J... DOWNLOAD
yacy(freshmeat) YaCy YaCy is a search engine that anyone can use to ... DOWNLOAD
kojak(freshmeat) KOJAK The KOJAK (Kit for Objective Judgement and Know... DOWNLOAD
libpqstego(freshmeat) libpqstego Libpqstego is a library for perturbed quantizat... DOWNLOAD
gmathml(freshmeat) GMathml GMathml is a pango/cairo based MathML renderer.... DOWNLOAD
http-server-simple(freshmeat) HTTP::Server::Simple HTTP::Server::Simple is a very simple standalon... DOWNLOAD
scst(freshmeat) SCST SCST is a mid-level SCSI target subsystem for L... DOWNLOAD
srpt(freshmeat) SRPT SRPT is a SCSI RDMA Protocol (SRP) target imple... DOWNLOAD
iscsiscst(freshmeat) iSCSI-SCST iSCSI-SCST is an iSCSI (Internet SCSI) target i... DOWNLOAD
scstqla2x00t(freshmeat) scstqla2x00t is a SCST driver that allows you to use QLogic ... DOWNLOAD
kannel(freshmeat) Kannel WAP and SMS Gateway Kannel is a WAP gateway. It attempts to provide... DOWNLOAD
subvertpy(freshmeat) subvertpy subvertpy is a set of alternative Python bindin... DOWNLOAD
phex(freshmeat) Phex Phex is a P2P filesharing client which is based... DOWNLOAD
tdtxe(freshmeat) TDTxE TDTxE (Tagged Document Tansformer Engine) trans... DOWNLOAD
googlesitemapgenerator(freshmeat) Google Sitemap Generator Google Sitemap Generator is a tool installed on... DOWNLOAD
opensaml(freshmeat) OpenSAML OpenSAML is a portable implementation of the Se... DOWNLOAD
tickletext(freshmeat) Tickle Text Tickle Text is a fast, lightweight text editor ... DOWNLOAD
fuse-emulator(freshmeat) Fuse The Free Unix Spectrum Emulator (Fuse) is an em... DOWNLOAD
htmlmason(freshmeat) HTML::Mason HTML::Mason is a full-featured web site develop... DOWNLOAD
phunkybb(freshmeat) PhunkyBB PhunkyBB is a Web-based forum system that is di... DOWNLOAD
flpsed(freshmeat) flpsed flpsed is a WYSIWYG PostScript annotator. You c... DOWNLOAD
horncalc(freshmeat) Horncalc Horncalc is simple full-range horn loudspeaker ... DOWNLOAD
xmltv2ical(freshmeat) xmltv2ical xmltv2ical is a tool to convert TV program guid... DOWNLOAD
ical2svg(freshmeat) ical2svg ical2svg takes events from one or more iCalenda... DOWNLOAD
jinto(freshmeat) JInto JInto is a plugin for Eclipse that lets the dev... DOWNLOAD
liblicense(freshmeat) Liblicense Liblicense is a library to assist in the aggreg... DOWNLOAD
dtaz(freshmeat) DTrace Taz Tool DTrace Taz Tool is a disk activity analysis too... DOWNLOAD
distcc(freshmeat) distcc distcc is a parallel build system that distribu... DOWNLOAD
dircproxy(freshmeat) dircproxy dircproxy is an IRC proxy server ("bouncer... DOWNLOAD
wsa(freshmeat) Web Search Aggregator WSA (a.k.a. Web Search Aggregator) provides mul... DOWNLOAD
theorur(freshmeat) Theorur Theorur is a graphical interface to ffmpeg2theo... DOWNLOAD
darksnow(freshmeat) Darksnow darksnow is a simple, yet powerful GUI for the ... DOWNLOAD
unpkg(freshmeat) unpkg unpkg unpacks all the files in a MacOS X packag... DOWNLOAD
builder(freshmeat) Builder Builder is a Perl module that uses a building b... DOWNLOAD
wine-doors(freshmeat) Wine-Doors Wine-doors is an application designed to make i... DOWNLOAD
scst_qla_isp(freshmeat) scst_qla_isp scst_qla_isp is an SCST target driver for QLogi... DOWNLOAD
rbme(freshmeat) RBME RBME (Rsync Backup Made Easy) is a simple tool ... DOWNLOAD
gtkid3tag(freshmeat) gtkid3tag gtkid3tag is a graphical ID3 tag editor for fas... DOWNLOAD
photo-importer(freshmeat) Photo Importer Photo Importer is a reliable, hands-off importe... DOWNLOAD
gano(freshmeat) Gano The Gano project wraps text processing and disp... DOWNLOAD
xfce4-radio-plugin(freshmeat) Xfce Radio Plugin Xfce Radio Plugin is an Xfce panel plugin which... DOWNLOAD
wavegain(freshmeat) WaveGain WaveGain is a program that applies ReplayGain t... DOWNLOAD
libg3d(freshmeat) libg3d Libg3d is a glib-based library for loading and ... DOWNLOAD
cnic-unicode(freshmeat) Unicode.php The CentralNic Unicode Library (Unicode.php) pr... DOWNLOAD
lobo(freshmeat) Lobo Lobo is a pure Java Web browser that can render... DOWNLOAD
cmospwd(freshmeat) Cmos password recovery tools CmosPwd decrypts the password stored in CMOS us... DOWNLOAD
kbasic(freshmeat) KBasic KBasic is a programming language related to VB.... DOWNLOAD
pjsip(freshmeat) PJSIP and PJMEDIA pjsip is a multimedia communication library bas... DOWNLOAD
vfplot(freshmeat) vfplot vfplot is a program for plotting two-dimensiona... DOWNLOAD
atf(freshmeat) Automated Testing Framework ATF is a collection of libraries and utilities ... DOWNLOAD
mydp(freshmeat) mysqldump parser mydp is a program for processing mysqldump file... DOWNLOAD
csup(freshmeat) csup csup is a solid CVSup replacement for checkout-... DOWNLOAD
bsnmp-jails(freshmeat) BSNMP jails bsnmp-jails is a module for bsnmpd that allows ... DOWNLOAD
bsnmp-pcap(freshmeat) BSNMP pcap bsnmp-pcap is a module for bsnmpd that allows y... DOWNLOAD
xsharp(freshmeat) X# X# (pronounced X-sharp) is an XML-oriented prog... DOWNLOAD
gtgt(freshmeat) gitty-gitty gitty-gitty, the (general | GNU) template gener... DOWNLOAD
caltroid(freshmeat) Caltroid Caltroid is a Caltrain schedules application fo... DOWNLOAD
libsysconfcpus(freshmeat) libsysconfcpus libsysconfcpus is an $LD_PRELOAD library that i... DOWNLOAD

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