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usablemail(sfnet) Python IMAP Email Client Python IMAP email client. Cross platform email ... DOWNLOAD
hackerz(sfnet) hackerz A text based hacker simulation game. Imagine a ... DOWNLOAD
xfunc(sfnet) xFunc xFunc is a simple and easy to use application t... DOWNLOAD
junitgenerator(sfnet) JUnit Generator JUnit Generator can automatically generate juni... DOWNLOAD
crfpp(sfnet) CRF++ CRF++ is a simple, customizable, and open sourc... DOWNLOAD
geomajas-api-project(freshmeat) Geomajas API project The Geomajas API project contains some annotati... DOWNLOAD
jkalman(sfnet) JKalman JKalman is an Open Source Java implementation o... DOWNLOAD
geomajas-geometry-project(freshmeat) Geomajas Geometry project The Geometry project contains a DTO class for r... DOWNLOAD
dursamvad(freshmeat) Dursamvad Dursamvad serves as a simple testing tool for R... DOWNLOAD
fortuity(sfnet) Fortuity Event Framework The Fortuity Framework is a simple framework fo... DOWNLOAD
recepnfexml(sfnet) Recepção NFE C# Recepção NFE é uma solução de código-fonte em C... DOWNLOAD
scantopdf(sfnet) scantopdf Scannt mehrseitige Dokumente (s/w)*speichert da... DOWNLOAD
cert-ver(sfnet) Certificate Verification System Certificate Verification System was designed to... DOWNLOAD
framebyframe(sfnet) FrameByFrame Stop-motion movie production software for OS X.... DOWNLOAD
scriptid(freshmeat) Script Identifier Scriptid is a program and a library that can be... DOWNLOAD
trafficgenerator(freshmeat) Network Traffic Generator Network Traffic Generator is used to check what... DOWNLOAD
easytranslationscript(freshmeat) Easy Website Translation Script Easy Website Translation Script helps you trans... DOWNLOAD
munin(freshmeat) Munin Munin is a system to gather and graph all sorts... DOWNLOAD
eeemackext(freshmeat) eeemac.kext eeemac.kext is a kernel module that provides sy... DOWNLOAD
rageircd(freshmeat) RageIRCd RageIRCd was designed to be easy to setup and u... DOWNLOAD
isbg(freshmeat) IMAP Spam Begone IMAP Spam Begone is a script that scans an IMA... DOWNLOAD
y_crypto(freshmeat) y_crypto The y_crypto library contains a number of Postg... DOWNLOAD
extended-mysqli(freshmeat) Extended MySQLi Extended MySQLi implements a MySQL database acc... DOWNLOAD
wmi(freshmeat) WMI - Window Manager Improved WMI is a lightweight window manager for X11 whi... DOWNLOAD
dspam-mbox-style-training-help(freshmeat) DSPAM Mbox-style Training Helper Using email storage in single folders makes it ... DOWNLOAD
condensation(freshmeat) Condensation Condensation is a modular tool for Web applicat... DOWNLOAD
check_ora(freshmeat) check_ora check_ora is a plugin to monitor Oracle with Za... DOWNLOAD
simh(freshmeat) SIMH SIMH is a historical computer simulation system... DOWNLOAD
vbdragdropfile(sfnet) VB Drag Drop File Listing to Text VB Drag Drop File Listing to Text. This little... DOWNLOAD
libsodium(freshmeat) libsodium libsodium is an easy-to-use crypto library. It... DOWNLOAD
googlesitesant(freshmeat) GoogleSitesAnt GoogleSitesAnt is a simple Ant task that can ca... DOWNLOAD
log4j-mode(sfnet) Log4j mode - view log files in Emacs Log4j mode - a major mode for viewing log files... DOWNLOAD
sarender(sfnet) SA::Render No description DOWNLOAD
ansi-st-tests(sfnet) Camp Smalltalk ANSI Tests A test suite that tests for conformance to the ... DOWNLOAD
opacket(sfnet) opacket O'Packet Platform is a platform which aims to o... DOWNLOAD
jc-dev(sfnet) jc-dev jc means Java Commander - it's a java-based fil... DOWNLOAD
nxtmote(sfnet) NXTMOTE NXTMOTE: an Educational TinyOS Mote for LEGO MI... DOWNLOAD
biotux(sfnet) BioTux (Development Edition) BioTux is a 2D platformer in it's early stages ... DOWNLOAD
apriori(sfnet) Apriori My first attempt on sourceforge with Aprioi alg... DOWNLOAD
l5rcm(sfnet) L5RCM This is a GM tool for the RPG game "Legend... DOWNLOAD
compengtools(sfnet) compengtools This project is a collection of tools that are ... DOWNLOAD
zshaolin(freshmeat) ZShaolin ZShaolin installs a powerful terminal on your A... DOWNLOAD
scanlationshop(sfnet) Scanlationshop Scanlationshop is an application made for makin... DOWNLOAD
ksetiwatch(sfnet) Ksetiwatch Ksetiwatch monitors multiple SETI@home clients ... DOWNLOAD
ruby-serial-can-bus-library(freshmeat) Ruby Serial CAN bus library Ruby Serial CAN bus library is a simple impleme... DOWNLOAD
make3_80-sh(freshmeat) make3_80-sh make3_80-sh is a compatibility layer for GNU m... DOWNLOAD
ultimateedition(sfnet) Ultimate Edition Ultimate Edition Linux, previously "Ubuntu... DOWNLOAD
mediafire(sfnet) MediaFire Downloader Support download multilink from mediafire DOWNLOAD
phdoc(freshmeat) PHDoc PHDoc is a version of Markdoc adapted to the ne... DOWNLOAD
cil(freshmeat) CIL (C Intermediate Language) CIL is a frontend for the C programming languag... DOWNLOAD
liliko-chat(freshmeat) Liliko Chat Liliko Chat is a fast and customizable Web chat... DOWNLOAD
ttf2pt1(sfnet) TTF to PS Type 1 Font Converter Converter of various scalable font formats (mos... DOWNLOAD
ccwinchsermons(sfnet) ccwinch Sermons Sermons from ccwinch DOWNLOAD
loccit(sfnet) loccit A standards-compliant bibliography generator, f... DOWNLOAD
scandir(freshmeat) ScanDir The class ScanDir provides a method to retrieve... DOWNLOAD
cyberprobe(freshmeat) Cyberprobe Cyberprobe is a distributed architecture for re... DOWNLOAD
hsomon(freshmeat) hsomon hsomon helps you to connect with your Option HS... DOWNLOAD
bambapilla(freshmeat) Bambapilla Bambapilla is an application that exports SMS m... DOWNLOAD
ivtools(freshmeat) ivtools ivtools is a collection of drawing editors for ... DOWNLOAD
darkhttpd(freshmeat) darkhttpd darkhttpd is a secure, lightweight, fast, singl... DOWNLOAD
gezel(sfnet) gezel GEZEL is a cycle-based hardware description lan... DOWNLOAD
virtualwifi(sfnet) Virtual Wifi Virtual Wifi ist ein Tool, mit dem sich unter W... DOWNLOAD
wsmx(sfnet) Web Services Execution Environment The Web Services Execution Environment (WSMX) i... DOWNLOAD
netxms(freshmeat) NetXMS NetXMS is a network monitoring and management s... DOWNLOAD
megameklab(sfnet) MegaMekLab MegaMekLab is a Mek creator program. Currently ... DOWNLOAD
learningapps(sfnet) Learning Apps Learning Apps is a web application which allows... DOWNLOAD
tableauelec(sfnet) TableauElec (fr_FR only) Outil d'aide à la création de tabl... DOWNLOAD
upnplib-mobile(freshmeat) UPNPLib-mobile UPNPLib-mobile is a port of the abandoned UPNPL... DOWNLOAD
steampunkrotatingglobewidget(sfnet) Steampunk Rotating Earth Globe Widget This Konfabulator/ yahoo widget provides a simp... DOWNLOAD
sslscan(sfnet) sslscan SSLScan queries SSL services, such as HTTPS, in... DOWNLOAD
apkprotect(sfnet) APK Protect APK Protect is a security company. We use netwo... DOWNLOAD
dragoncaos(sfnet) Dragonball Caos Juego de lucha DragonBall. El juego tiene más d... DOWNLOAD
worddatamerge(sfnet) worddatamerge Utility written in C#/.Net that takes a Word DO... DOWNLOAD
nce(sfnet) Numerics for Chemical Engineering NCE is a library of routines and models applica... DOWNLOAD
mathmlformula(sfnet) MathML Formula for Flash "MathML Formula for Flash" is an impl... DOWNLOAD
hbci4java(sfnet) hbci4java A Java-package to enable Java-applications to u... DOWNLOAD
tortoisecvs(sfnet) TortoiseCVS TortoiseCVS is an extension for Microsoft Windo... DOWNLOAD
free-eos(sfnet) free-EOS (Espace Ouvert de Services) Free-EOS est une solution "clés en mains&q... DOWNLOAD
uiq(sfnet) UIQ SDK and tools This is a store of UIQ SDK and tools. Since UIQ... DOWNLOAD
tipcon1(sfnet) TIPcon1 TIPcon1 is a standards-compliant soft phone usi... DOWNLOAD
wap-guestbook(sfnet) Wap Guestbook Hello ! This is wap/wml based guestbook written... DOWNLOAD
pdfbook(sfnet) pdfbook Utility for facebook memory forensics. DOWNLOAD
systemc(sfnet) Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI) The Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI) is a collabo... DOWNLOAD
turnkeylinuxovz(sfnet) Turnkey Linux OpenVZ Templates Precreated OpenVZ template caches for different... DOWNLOAD
screem(sfnet) Screem SCREEM is a GNOME website / tag based html edit... DOWNLOAD
awemud(sfnet) AweMUD Server AweMUD is a text-based MUD. Ease of playing, i... DOWNLOAD
gedafe(freshmeat) Gedafe Gedafe (Generic Database Front-End) is an appli... DOWNLOAD
qtfindreplacedialog(freshmeat) QtFindReplaceDialog QtFindReplaceDialog is a Qt implementation of a... DOWNLOAD
cmndbot(freshmeat) cmndbot CMNDBOT is a port of GOZERBOT to the Google Wav... DOWNLOAD
lwatch(freshmeat) Log Watcher lwatch is a log parser/analyzer written in C wi... DOWNLOAD
dea-num2word(freshmeat) dea num2word dea num2word is a PHP class to convert numbers ... DOWNLOAD
filter_evdev(freshmeat) filter_evdev filter_evdev creates a virtual input device fro... DOWNLOAD
libmagt(freshmeat) libmagt libmagt is a 3d potential field modeling librar... DOWNLOAD
checkcopy(freshmeat) checkcopy checkcopy is a GUI tool to copy the files and d... DOWNLOAD
html-template(sfnet) HTML::Template A simple, fast HTML Templating module for Perl ... DOWNLOAD
rsspect(freshmeat) RSSpect RSSpect is a Java library for working with RSS ... DOWNLOAD
obdcon(sfnet) OBD-II for Arduino This Arduino library is developed for the Ardui... DOWNLOAD
quarto4palmos(sfnet) Quarto for PalmOS An adaptation of the board game "Quarto!&q... DOWNLOAD
spriteviewer(sfnet) Ragnarok Online Sprite Viewer This is a sprite viewer for Ragnarok Online, wi... DOWNLOAD
wepcrackgui(sfnet) WepCrackGui Gui for aircrack-ng that can crack WEP and WPA ... DOWNLOAD

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