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safeweb(freshmeat) SafeWeb SafeWeb is a personal homepage middleware envir... DOWNLOAD
snotes(freshmeat) Sticky Notes Sticky Notes provides a way to have little stic... DOWNLOAD
scriptorium(freshmeat) Scriptorium Scriptorium is a Web-based code library. It's d... DOWNLOAD
biblestudy(freshmeat) BibleStudy BibleStudy is a wxWindows based frontend to the... DOWNLOAD
ctshaper(freshmeat) CTShaper If you ever noticed how your SSH/gaming session... DOWNLOAD
el4j(freshmeat) EL4J EL4J, the Extension Library for the J2EE, adds ... DOWNLOAD
fastnzb(freshmeat) FastNZB FastNZB is a client for the popular nzbget serv... DOWNLOAD
jbosswiki(freshmeat) JBossWiki JBossWiki is a self contained Wiki portlet base... DOWNLOAD
openreports(freshmeat) OpenReports OpenReports is a flexible Web reporting solutio... DOWNLOAD
jbossportalforums(freshmeat) JBoss Portal Forums JBoss Portal Forums is a port of phpBB to a JSR... DOWNLOAD
solmgr(freshmeat) Sol Manager Sol Manager is a cross-platform project mainten... DOWNLOAD
vzpkg(freshmeat) vzpkg vzpkg is the suite of OpenVZ template managemen... DOWNLOAD
xwoaf(freshmeat) Xwoaf X Windows On A Floppy is a complete standalone,... DOWNLOAD
rfuse(freshmeat) RFuse RFuse is a Ruby interface to the FUSE library. DOWNLOAD
blackbox(freshmeat) Blackbox Blackbox is yet another addition to the list of... DOWNLOAD
trackpeer(freshmeat) trackpeer trackpeer is an agent that helps network and se... DOWNLOAD
mksearch(freshmeat) MKSearch MKSearch is a metadata search engine that index... DOWNLOAD
pygtk-fsacls(freshmeat) pygtk-fsacls pygtk-fsacls provides a graphical interface for... DOWNLOAD
interna(freshmeat) Interna Interna is billing software that is able to man... DOWNLOAD
elpp(freshmeat) Enhanced Linux Progress Patch ELPP (Enhanced Linux Progress Patch) is a patch... DOWNLOAD
abacod(freshmeat) ABacoD ABacoD is an automatic backup script. It transf... DOWNLOAD
rftidy(freshmeat) Red Feline Tidy Red Feline Tidy is a utility program that scans... DOWNLOAD
gravetat(freshmeat) Gravetat Gravetat is a gravity and electromagnetism simu... DOWNLOAD
bargraph(freshmeat) Text::BarGraph Text::BarGraph is a simple Perl module for gene... DOWNLOAD
arbitrator(freshmeat) Linux Bandwidth Arbitrator Linux Bandwidth Arbitrator allows beginning-to-... DOWNLOAD
kickstarter(freshmeat) KickStarter Kickstarter is a small program to launch a prog... DOWNLOAD
tkhtmltidy(freshmeat) TkHTMLtidy TkHTMLtidy is a Tcl/Tk front-end for tidy, the ... DOWNLOAD
mustajuuri(freshmeat) Mustajuuri Mustajuuri is plugin-based real-time audio/MIDI... DOWNLOAD
id3v2-chap-tool(freshmeat) ID3v2 Chapter Tool ID3v2 Chapter Tool is an authoring tool which a... DOWNLOAD
sadms(freshmeat) SADMS SADMS (Samba as Active Directory Member Server/... DOWNLOAD
mapviewpalmos(freshmeat) mapview for PalmOS mapview is an application for viewing maps on P... DOWNLOAD
eiffelws(freshmeat) E Windowing System EWS is a library implementing a small windowing... DOWNLOAD
dirqmail(freshmeat) dirqmail dirqmail is a simple, fast, and reliable virtua... DOWNLOAD
dqd(freshmeat) dqd dqd is a qmail distribution based on the dirqma... DOWNLOAD
xenconsole(freshmeat) xenConsole xenConsole is a curses-based tty/console monito... DOWNLOAD
subconvpp(freshmeat) Subconv++ Subconv++ is a user-friendly command line tool ... DOWNLOAD
anticms(freshmeat) AntiCMS Content Management System AntiCMS is a minimalist content management syst... DOWNLOAD
nandbot(freshmeat) nandBot nandBot is an IRC robot. All features are imple... DOWNLOAD
jscpp(freshmeat) JSCPP "jscpp" is an ANSI C preprocessor and... DOWNLOAD
tidybot(freshmeat) Tidybot Tidybot traverses one or more source directorie... DOWNLOAD
otrproxy(freshmeat) Off-the-Record Messaging proxy The Off-the-Record (OTR) Messaging proxy is a m... DOWNLOAD
fatresize(freshmeat) fatresize fatresize is a command line tool for non-destru... DOWNLOAD
bbacpi(freshmeat) bbacpi bbacpi is a simple tool for X11 that shows some... DOWNLOAD
pwmanager(freshmeat) PwManager PwManager is a password manager. Passwords are ... DOWNLOAD
twiddled(freshmeat) twiddled twiddled is a userspace driver for the Twiddler... DOWNLOAD
sstats(freshmeat) Sendmail delivery stats Sendmail delivery stats is a Perl script to ana... DOWNLOAD
vmime(freshmeat) vmime VMime is a complete Internet mail library for C... DOWNLOAD
jockey(freshmeat) Jockey Jockey is a user-space library for recording an... DOWNLOAD
strategoxt(freshmeat) Stratego/XT Stratego/XT is a development environment for cr... DOWNLOAD
wmsmpmon(freshmeat) wmSMPmon wmSMPmon is a Window Maker applet for monitorin... DOWNLOAD
cbl-updater(freshmeat) CBL Partial Updater CBL Partial Updater is an AJAX library for PHP.... DOWNLOAD
jsserp(freshmeat) The JavaScript SERP Checker The Javascript SERP Checker is a Javascript pro... DOWNLOAD
qlime(freshmeat) QLime QLime is an easy to use Python library that ena... DOWNLOAD
pygaim-t(freshmeat) pyGAIM-t pyGAIM-t is a reworking of the popular GAIM IM ... DOWNLOAD
phpdig(freshmeat) PhpDig PhpDig is a Web spider and search engine writte... DOWNLOAD
molins(freshmeat) Molins Molins is a framework for PHP 5 that was inspir... DOWNLOAD
gkrellfah2(freshmeat) GKrellFah2 Gkrellfah2 is a plugin for GKrellM 2.0+ that mo... DOWNLOAD
fusecram(freshmeat) fusecram fusecram is a FUSE module for mounting cramfs i... DOWNLOAD
read4me(freshmeat) read4me read4me is a Python Web service that reads RSS ... DOWNLOAD
gatling(freshmeat) gatling gatling is a high-performance HTTP and FTP serv... DOWNLOAD
xmlclitools(freshmeat) xmlclitools xmlclitools provides four command-line tools f... DOWNLOAD
jtds(freshmeat) jTDS jTDS is a JDBC 3.0 type 4 driver for Microsoft ... DOWNLOAD
simput(freshmeat) simput Simput is a group of utilities useful for creat... DOWNLOAD
texwrapper(freshmeat) TeXwrapper TeXwrapper has been implemented to facilitate t... DOWNLOAD
jafer(freshmeat) JAFER The JAFER Project (Java Access For Electronic R... DOWNLOAD
gmorgan(freshmeat) gmorgan gmorgan is a fully programmable General MIDI rh... DOWNLOAD
ppp-gatekeeper(freshmeat) PPP-Gatekeeper PPP-Gatekeeper is a daemon which manages PPPOE ... DOWNLOAD
enemylines2(freshmeat) enemy lines 2 enemy lines 2 is a stationary 3d shooter game i... DOWNLOAD
bsdprogress(freshmeat) NetBSD progress Utility This is the "progress" utility from N... DOWNLOAD
poe(freshmeat) Poe Poe is a Vorbis comment editor. It tries to fol... DOWNLOAD
kbbtray(freshmeat) KBBTray KBBTray is a KDE task bar tray applicaton that ... DOWNLOAD
libtagz(freshmeat) libtagz libtagz is a parser for tagz, a title formattin... DOWNLOAD
tuxbank(freshmeat) TuxBank TuxBank is a money management program that cate... DOWNLOAD
webtst(freshmeat) WebTst WebTst is a Web development test infrastructure... DOWNLOAD
cpio(freshmeat) GNU cpio GNU cpio copies files into or out of a cpio or ... DOWNLOAD
www-nanoref(freshmeat) WWW::NanoRef WWW::NanoRef is a Perl module that uses the API... DOWNLOAD
file-metainfo(freshmeat) File::MetaInfo File::MetaInfo indexes meta-data and user label... DOWNLOAD
tvtime(freshmeat) tvtime tvtime is a high quality TV viewing application... DOWNLOAD
nac(freshmeat) Not A Commander Not A Commander is yet another file manager mod... DOWNLOAD
bnet(freshmeat) BNet BNet is an exact Bayesian inference library for... DOWNLOAD
thingamablog(freshmeat) ThingamaBlog ThingamaBlog is a cross-platform, standalone bl... DOWNLOAD
smartmenu(freshmeat) Smartmenu Smartmenu is a menuing application for Lirc. It... DOWNLOAD
mypurgelogs(freshmeat) MyPurgeLogs MyPurgeLogs is a script that can delete files o... DOWNLOAD
plotmm(freshmeat) PlotMM PlotMM is an extension to GTKmm (>= 2.0) whi... DOWNLOAD
xrmap(freshmeat) xrmap Xrmap is a program running under X that can int... DOWNLOAD
libut(freshmeat) libut libut is a C library for writing Unix servers o... DOWNLOAD
tonality(freshmeat) tonality Tonality is a GUI-driven utility that streamlin... DOWNLOAD
gerbmerge(freshmeat) GerbMerge GerbMerge is a panelizing program for printed ... DOWNLOAD
femail(freshmeat) femail femail provides a sendmail-compatible commandli... DOWNLOAD
coyotl(freshmeat) Coyotl Coyotl collects several C++ tools that have pro... DOWNLOAD
strbio(freshmeat) StrBio StrBio is a set of Java classes useful for deve... DOWNLOAD
messiggy(freshmeat) Messiggy Messiggy is a database of celestial objects, as... DOWNLOAD
yodl(freshmeat) yodl yodl implements a pre-document language and too... DOWNLOAD
jcalendar4swing(freshmeat) JCalendar for Swing JCalendar is a Swing component for selecting a ... DOWNLOAD
vdbmaster(freshmeat) vdbmaster vdbmaster is a simple program to ease the proce... DOWNLOAD
audio-convert(freshmeat) audio convert audio convert is a script that converts betwee... DOWNLOAD
bidwatcher(freshmeat) bidwatcher Bidwatcher is a tool for eBay users that tracks... DOWNLOAD
supertux(freshmeat) SuperTux SuperTux is a side-scrolling platform game. The... DOWNLOAD
minimalgallery(freshmeat) minimal Gallery minimal Gallery is an elegant picture gallery s... DOWNLOAD
vlan(freshmeat) VLAN VLAN is an implementation of the 802.1Q VLAN pr... DOWNLOAD

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