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zabbixhdd(sfnet) Zabbix-HDD New configuration items for Zabbix-2 allow it t... DOWNLOAD
situation-room(freshmeat) Situation Room Situation Room allows you to display multiple W... DOWNLOAD
missingno(sfnet) missingno Open source application which retrieves all ite... DOWNLOAD
ccid(freshmeat) ccid ccid provides the source code for a generic USB... DOWNLOAD
xxdiff(freshmeat) xxdiff xxdiff is a graphical browser for viewing the d... DOWNLOAD
linie(freshmeat) Linie Linie helps you install Internet Explorer on Li... DOWNLOAD
asuc(freshmeat) asuc asuc is a small Qt program written to display i... DOWNLOAD
pcsc-lite(freshmeat) pcsc-lite pcsc-lite is middleware to access a smart card ... DOWNLOAD
zfsbackup(freshmeat) zfsbackup Zfsbackup allows you to take full or selective ... DOWNLOAD
dumbado(freshmeat) dumbado dumbado is a program that captures packets tran... DOWNLOAD
pyscard(freshmeat) pyscard Pyscard consists of smartcard.scard, an extensi... DOWNLOAD
tbci(freshmeat) TBCI TBCI is a C++ library which provides classes fo... DOWNLOAD
bbmarmv6port(sfnet) BBM armv6 port project Recently , i started The BBM Messenger for armv... DOWNLOAD
powerdns-tango(freshmeat) Powerdns Tango Powerdns Tango is a simple Web frontend for Pow... DOWNLOAD
phpfreechat(freshmeat) phpFreeChat php Free Chat is a simple, fast, and customizab... DOWNLOAD
miescatteringatinterfaces(sfnet) Mie Scattering at interfaces This program (MATLAB CODE) uses approximations ... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-fibonacci-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Fibonacci Class Wolf Software Fibonacci Class is a simple class... DOWNLOAD
filem(sfnet) FileM FileM is project in [c#]/[.net4.0 Client profil... DOWNLOAD
superfarmmanage(sfnet) superfarmmanage This is an open source application for farmvill... DOWNLOAD
coppercore(sfnet) CopperCore CopperCore, a J2EE runtime engine for IMS Learn... DOWNLOAD
arcade-shooter(sfnet) Arcade nostalagia revisited Nostalagia from old type arcade game like missi... DOWNLOAD
img2hex(sfnet) Image to Hex Converter The simple program that perform image to hex va... DOWNLOAD
moosefs(freshmeat) Moose File System Moose File System (MooseFS / MFS) is a fault to... DOWNLOAD
open-tcptrace(sfnet) tcptrace tcptrace is a tool written by Shawn Ostermann a... DOWNLOAD
darkfallemu(sfnet) Darkfall Emulator This project is the development of an open sour... DOWNLOAD
centurion(sfnet) centurion Custom firmware for the RoboBuilder humanoid ro... DOWNLOAD
norm-2(freshmeat) NORM NORM is a simple ORM for PHP. It works with PDO... DOWNLOAD
gelide(freshmeat) Gelide Gelide is a configurable multi emulator and mul... DOWNLOAD
voicechatter(freshmeat) VoiceChatter VoiceChatter is a cross-platform voice chatting... DOWNLOAD
universalcontainer(freshmeat) UniversalContainer The UniversalContainer class is an attempt to p... DOWNLOAD
funifs(freshmeat) Funifs Funifs is a variant of the unionfs filesystem l... DOWNLOAD
sharppcap(freshmeat) SharpPcap SharpPcap is a packet capture framework for the... DOWNLOAD
imageclass(freshmeat) Image.class Image.class is a PHP class that can be used to ... DOWNLOAD
pict2png(freshmeat) pict2png pict2png is a utility for converting files in t... DOWNLOAD
repomirror(freshmeat) repomirror repomirror is a tool to create local mirrors (p... DOWNLOAD
twovid-player(freshmeat) TwoVid Player TwoVid is a Mac OS X video player that plays tw... DOWNLOAD
ingex(sfnet) Ingex - video capture and transcoding Tapeless video and audio ingest and transcoding... DOWNLOAD
ostinato(freshmeat) Ostinato Ostinato is a network packet and traffic genera... DOWNLOAD
slideshoq(freshmeat) SlideShoQ SlideShoQ is PDF presentation software that sup... DOWNLOAD
kxstitch(freshmeat) KXStitch KXStitch allows you to create cross stitch patt... DOWNLOAD
lionrom(sfnet) LionROM LionROM for i9001 DOWNLOAD
mitratekdownload(sfnet) Mitratek Download Berisi Panduan dan Brosur Mitratek DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-catalan-number-c(freshmeat) Wolf Software Catalan Number Class Wolf Software Catalan Number Class is a simple ... DOWNLOAD
enc(freshmeat) enc enc is a simple EncFS CLI manager written in ba... DOWNLOAD
juliamenge(freshmeat) JuliaMenge JuliaMenge is a program that draws Julia fracta... DOWNLOAD
knightissue(freshmeat) KnightIssue KnightIssue is a program that simulates the Kni... DOWNLOAD
mendelsland(freshmeat) MendelsLand MendelsLand is an program that allows you to te... DOWNLOAD
instancexl(freshmeat) instanceXL InstanceXL is a tool that displays ontologies a... DOWNLOAD
tinyanalyzer(sfnet) tinyanalyzer ATMega32 based, 8ch. logic analyzer, with 1MHz ... DOWNLOAD
lsmp3(freshmeat) lsmp3 lsmp3 is like 'ls' but showing the metadata fro... DOWNLOAD
ravm(freshmeat) RAVM RAVM is a fast virtual machine coded mainly in ... DOWNLOAD
dualword-index(freshmeat) Dualword-index DualWord-index is a Xapian index viewer. It all... DOWNLOAD
ssmart(freshmeat) ssmart ssmart is a little Perl script to store a secur... DOWNLOAD
pdf-chain(freshmeat) PDF Chain PDF Chain is a graphical user interface for the... DOWNLOAD
auracli(freshmeat) Aura.Cli The Aura CLI package provides a system for crea... DOWNLOAD
auradi(freshmeat) Aura.Di The Aura DI package provides a dependency injec... DOWNLOAD
aurafilter(freshmeat) Aura.Filter The Aura Filter package provides tools to valid... DOWNLOAD
aurahttp(freshmeat) Aura.Http The Aura HTTP package provides objects to build... DOWNLOAD
aurainput(freshmeat) Aura.Input The Aura.Input package contains tools to descri... DOWNLOAD
cret(freshmeat) CRET CRET is a code review tool for reviewing and co... DOWNLOAD
auraintl(freshmeat) Aura.Intl The Aura.Intl package provides internationaliza... DOWNLOAD
auramarshal(freshmeat) Aura.Marshal The Aura Marshal package is a data-object marsh... DOWNLOAD
aurarouter(freshmeat) Aura.Router The Aura Router package implements Web routing:... DOWNLOAD
aurasession(freshmeat) Aura.Session The Aura Session provides session management fu... DOWNLOAD
folioplushotelmanagementsystem(sfnet) Folio Plus | Hotel Management System | Philippines and Asia. Folio Plus is created to... DOWNLOAD
libtmcg(freshmeat) LibTMCG LibTMCG is a general purpose C++ library for cr... DOWNLOAD
openskat(freshmeat) SecureSkat SecureSkat is a peer-to-peer implementation of ... DOWNLOAD
whitetrash(freshmeat) Whitetrash Whitetrash is a squid plugin that provides a us... DOWNLOAD
syncache(freshmeat) SynCache SynCache::Cache stores cached objects in a Hash... DOWNLOAD
libpona(freshmeat) FTL FTL is a generic system-level application progr... DOWNLOAD
vuzitnet(freshmeat) Vuzit.Net Vuzit.Net is a library that allows developers t... DOWNLOAD
whitewash(freshmeat) Whitewash The Whitewash module allows Ruby programs to cl... DOWNLOAD
theora-intro(freshmeat) theora-intro theora-intro adds an introduction sequence to a... DOWNLOAD
gtk2-panel(freshmeat) Gtk+2 panel The primary aim of the Gtk+2 panel project is t... DOWNLOAD
symplik-exzellenz(freshmeat) SYMPLiK EXZELLENZ SYMPLiK EXZELLENZ is a program to manipulate ta... DOWNLOAD
mussort(freshmeat) mussort mussort is a simple tool that sorts a music col... DOWNLOAD
mailit(freshmeat) mailit mailit is a command line based frontend to any ... DOWNLOAD
pulse-java(freshmeat) pulse-java Pulse is a Web application framework and portal... DOWNLOAD
aurasignal(freshmeat) Aura.Signal Aura.Signal is a SignalSlots/EventHandler imple... DOWNLOAD
aurasql(freshmeat) Aura.Sql The Aura.Sql package is a wrapper around PDO th... DOWNLOAD
aurauri(freshmeat) Aura.Uri The Aura Uri package provides tools to build an... DOWNLOAD
cml(sfnet) Chemical Markup Language The development and curation of a range of XML... DOWNLOAD
auraview(freshmeat) Aura.View The Aura View package provides an implementatio... DOWNLOAD
auraweb(freshmeat) Aura.Web The Aura Web package provides tools to build We... DOWNLOAD
extmathnim(freshmeat) extmath.nim extmath.nim is a math library for the Nimrod pr... DOWNLOAD
travianproject(sfnet) travianproject This project is a fanproject for the game Travian. DOWNLOAD
ezmorph(sfnet) EZMorph EZMorph is simple java library for transforming... DOWNLOAD
gnuais(sfnet) GNU AIS GNU AIS is software for demodulating and decodi... DOWNLOAD
jammybot(sfnet) jammybot A bot that wil play guitar based games for you. DOWNLOAD
phailomatic(freshmeat) Phailomatic Phailomatic is an intrusion prevention and deni... DOWNLOAD
sleepworker(freshmeat) sleepworker sleepworker is a daemon that monitors your Unix... DOWNLOAD
eurephia(freshmeat) eurephia eurephia is an authentication plug-in for OpenV... DOWNLOAD
hempgl(sfnet) Alien Attack 2d shooter game DOWNLOAD
log4plsql(sfnet) log4plsql LOG4PLSQL is a PLSQL framework for logging in a... DOWNLOAD
motiontaquin(sfnet) motiontaquin jeu de taquin avec mouvement des pièces command... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-morse-code-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Morse Code Class Wolf Software Morse Code Class is a simple clas... DOWNLOAD
opendatabag(sfnet) OpenDataBag OpenDataBag is object database with web interfa... DOWNLOAD
easycfgmaker(sfnet) Easy CFG Maker Counter Strike 1.6 CFG Maker DOWNLOAD
tptest(sfnet) TPTEST - Internet performance test suite This site is no longer updated, for updated inf... DOWNLOAD
jstween(sfnet) jstween Javascript framework for animation, it has easi... DOWNLOAD

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