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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
wciconnect(sfnet) Why Can't I Connect? "Why Can't I Connect?" makes it easie... DOWNLOAD
eulersharp(sfnet) EulerSharp EYE [1] is a reasoning engine supporting the RG... DOWNLOAD
advancedtacticalwasteland(sfnet) Advanced Tactical Wasteland Advanced Tactical Wasteland is a mission for Ar... DOWNLOAD
libertya(sfnet) Libertya ERP Libertya es un software de Gestión Integral Adm... DOWNLOAD
php-agenda(sfnet) Simple PHP Agenda A simple agenda tool written in PHP with MySQL ... DOWNLOAD
yodasoccer(sfnet) Yoda Soccer Project Yoda Soccer is a new soccer game which intends ... DOWNLOAD
vectorinpup(sfnet) Vectorinpup A cross between Vector/ Slackware Linux package... DOWNLOAD
smscollctr(sfnet) SMS Collection Commander Initiate SMS 2003 advanced client actions on a ... DOWNLOAD
plotdigitizer(sfnet) Plot Digitizer An easy to use Java program that allows you to ... DOWNLOAD
supertux-3d(sfnet) SuperTux 3D Supertux 3D is 3D of the gpl'd 2D game Supertux... DOWNLOAD
tytalks(sfnet) Tyche Talks Tyche Talks is an open source language learning... DOWNLOAD
jdemview(sfnet) Java3D DEM Viewer 3d visualization of USGS Digital Elevation Mode... DOWNLOAD
impact(sfnet) Impact Finite Element Program Impact is an explicit Finite Element Program Su... DOWNLOAD
threadpool(sfnet) threadpool threadpool is a cross-platform C++ thread pool ... DOWNLOAD
accesssvnversionierung(sfnet) Access SVN Versionierung This accessprogramm manage your accessprogram(s... DOWNLOAD
eddt(sfnet) eddt Eddt is a directory browsing plugin written in ... DOWNLOAD
octave-workshop(sfnet) Octave Workshop Octave Workshop is an integrated development en... DOWNLOAD
kalman(sfnet) Kalman Filter A C++, object-oriented, Extended Kalman Filter ... DOWNLOAD
fabula(freshmeat) fabula Fabula is a Python game engine suitable for adv... DOWNLOAD
itom(sfnet) itom itom is an open source software suite for opera... DOWNLOAD
lrceditor(sfnet) Lrc Editor A Lrc files editor using Amarok as a player. DOWNLOAD
portableword(sfnet) portableword Free text editor program made in Visual Basic ... DOWNLOAD
playbnstranslation(sfnet) PlayBNS Translation PlayBNS english Launcher - Launcher downloads l... DOWNLOAD
xdoc(sfnet) XDoc XDoc is schema-aware XML editor DOWNLOAD
openiacrm(sfnet) Openia CRM virtual appliance - Openbravo OpeniaCRM is a module for Openbravo ERP release... DOWNLOAD
passcard(sfnet) PassCard PassCard is a scheme that allows Windows CardSp... DOWNLOAD
macaudiox(sfnet) Max Max is an application for creating high-quality... DOWNLOAD
texmacs(sfnet) GNU TeXmacs GNU TeXmacs DOWNLOAD
perfectviewer(sfnet) Perfect Viewer Perfect Viewer is fastest image, comic viewer o... DOWNLOAD
wbxmlparser(sfnet) Wbxml Parser for SYNCML 1.2 The Wbxml Parser is a tool for SYNCML 1.2 that ... DOWNLOAD
kpenhentryview(sfnet) KPEnhancedEntryView This is a plugin to KeePass <http://www.KeeP... DOWNLOAD
gnu-wce(sfnet) GNU-WindowsCE Port GNU utils or other GNUGPL released softwar... DOWNLOAD
libagf(freshmeat) libagf libagf is a library of variable-bandwidth kerne... DOWNLOAD
spacecadet(sfnet) Space Cadet: Ryokou An old-school sidesroller where you pilot your ... DOWNLOAD
cerberushelpdesk(freshmeat) Cerb Cerb is a fast and flexible Web-based platform ... DOWNLOAD
arduinocncmilll(sfnet) Arduino CNC Mill/Laser Cutter/Extruder This is the firmware for a CNC Mill Project I a... DOWNLOAD
vexi(sfnet) The Vexi Platform Vexi is a rich GUI platform for creating deskto... DOWNLOAD
raccoon(freshmeat) Raccoon Raccoon is a Google Play desktop client that al... DOWNLOAD
mikeos(freshmeat) MikeOS MikeOS is an operating system for x86 PCs, writ... DOWNLOAD
cerridwen(freshmeat) Cerridwen Cerridwen provides geocentric planetary data su... DOWNLOAD
vlcsrposplugin(sfnet) VLC srpos plugin This plugin allows you to automatically save an... DOWNLOAD
xbox-cluster(sfnet) xbox linux cluster project the point is to get 15 xboxs put a linux os on ... DOWNLOAD
xenet(sfnet) XeNet XeNet makes up the basic building blocks of for... DOWNLOAD
javascript-page-animation-obje(freshmeat) JavaScript Page Animation Object JavaScript Page Animation Object is a standalon... DOWNLOAD
saulot(sfnet) Saulot - The Vampire NPC Generator Generate NPC Characters for White Wolfs Vampire... DOWNLOAD
hiddenfilestoggle(sfnet) Hidden Files Toggle Adds a context menu entry to run a small script... DOWNLOAD
smwdev(sfnet) Super Mario World Dev Environment The Super Mario World Development Environment a... DOWNLOAD
xapian(freshmeat) Xapian and Omega Xapian is a search engine library, scalable to ... DOWNLOAD
cipinventory(sfnet) Cisco IP Phone Inventory Tool Updated 01/18/2012: Cisco IP Phone Inventory T... DOWNLOAD
androidgameng(sfnet) Android Game Engine AGE is a multi-threaded game engine for Android... DOWNLOAD
wtnmp(sfnet) WT-NMP - Windows Nginx MySql Php stack WT-NMP - portable Nginx Mysql Php development s... DOWNLOAD
qtlmovie(sfnet) QtlMovie QtlMovie is a graphical frontend to FFmpeg, DVD... DOWNLOAD
sharppcap(sfnet) SharpPcap SharpPcap is a cross-platform packet capture fr... DOWNLOAD
picktuary(sfnet) Picktuary Multivalue (Pick/MV) Utilities A collection of programs and subroutines to hel... DOWNLOAD
shellter(sfnet) ShellTer ShellTer is an iptables-based firewall. What se... DOWNLOAD
slackware-xorg(sfnet) Slackware Linux modular X.Org Here you'll find the Slackware Linux modular X.... DOWNLOAD
wireless-matlab(sfnet) wireless-matlab A simple but complete mobile wireless network s... DOWNLOAD
odinprolog(sfnet) Odin Odin is a Tool that aims to be a didatic resour... DOWNLOAD
evocms-plugins(sfnet) b2evolution Plugins Plugins for the b2evolution blog engine (http:/... DOWNLOAD
kieker(sfnet) Kieker Kieker is a framework for continuous monitoring... DOWNLOAD
artis-watermon(sfnet) ARTIS WaterMon ARTIS Watermon is an Automated Real Time Inform... DOWNLOAD
mathgl(freshmeat) MathGL MathGL is a library for making high-quality sci... DOWNLOAD
travissimo(sfnet) Travissimo Firefox Extension for the MMOG Travian to show ... DOWNLOAD
rdwinvifix(sfnet) RocketDock Windows Vista Fix A useful application that will fix the issue of... DOWNLOAD
tomoyo(freshmeat) TOMOYO Linux TOMOYO Linux is a Mandatory Access Control (MAC... DOWNLOAD
dile(sfnet) Dotnet IL Editor Dotnet IL Editor (DILE) allows disassembling an... DOWNLOAD
search-odt(sfnet) Search-ODT Official Course Objective Design an implementat... DOWNLOAD
zatomos32(sfnet) zatomos32 32bit Xen RPMS for SL6 i686 DOWNLOAD
gilma(sfnet) Gilma - GUI for ILMerge Application Gilma is a front-end application to ILMerge: Mi... DOWNLOAD
palmfiction(sfnet) PalmFiction PalmFiction is free document reader for the Pal... DOWNLOAD
bitxml(sfnet) java XML sax parser (2kb) This is a little SAX parser made for all java d... DOWNLOAD
slidesharedownloader(sfnet) SlideShare Downloader This utility allow you to download any presenta... DOWNLOAD
csxmptk(sfnet) C# XMP Toolkit The C# XMP Toolkit is a wrapper for Adobe's XMP... DOWNLOAD
ourxdbu(sfnet) ourXdbu ourXdbu is a public aplication to manage difere... DOWNLOAD
mmtl(sfnet) MMTL Electromagnetic Simulator MMTL, the Multilayer Multiconductor Transmissio... DOWNLOAD
cgkit(sfnet) Python Computer Graphics Kit The Python Computer Graphics Kit is a collectio... DOWNLOAD
usbenumeration(sfnet) C# USB Enumeration .NET USB enumeration, Action<> callback g... DOWNLOAD
smb4ios(sfnet) SMB for iOS smb4ios is a basic SMB implementation in native... DOWNLOAD
geomajas-tms-layer(freshmeat) Geomajas TMS layer Geomajas TMS layer allows using TMS tiles as a ... DOWNLOAD
cheech(sfnet) cheech - Chinese Checkers cheech is a multi-platform, networked Chinese C... DOWNLOAD
mathhelper(sfnet) MathHelper This program consists of a set of mathematical ... DOWNLOAD
moritz(sfnet) Moritz Moritz is an "addon" to the well know... DOWNLOAD
vbam(sfnet) VBA-M Our goal is to improve upon VisualBoyAdvance by... DOWNLOAD
xcat(sfnet) xCAT Extreme Cluster Administration Toolkit. xCAT is... DOWNLOAD
ejbca(sfnet) EJBCA, JEE PKI Certificate Authority EJBCA is an enterprise class PKI Certificate Au... DOWNLOAD
veracrypt(sfnet) VeraCrypt VeraCrypt is a free disk encryption software br... DOWNLOAD
strawhat(sfnet) Straw Hat - a test project 1234567890123 Just a test project for SF support staff, used ... DOWNLOAD
eclipse-clp(sfnet) ECLiPSe CLP The ECLiPSe Constraint Logic Programming System... DOWNLOAD
kite9(sfnet) kite9 A suite of tools for using and creating Kite9 d... DOWNLOAD
evoitalia(sfnet) PHPNuke-Evolution Italia Official Italian support for Nuke Evolution. PH... DOWNLOAD
jmusicmanager(sfnet) java mp3 music manager Manage your mp3 files with jmusicmanager. It ca... DOWNLOAD
qopentld(sfnet) QOpenTLD C++ implementation of TLD using Qt and OpenCV. DOWNLOAD
scraper-helper(sfnet) scraper-helper A HTTP proxy that writes everything passing thr... DOWNLOAD
audioswitcher(sfnet) Audio Switcher Easily switch between ANY sound device on your ... DOWNLOAD
avrethernet(sfnet) avrethernet Small and easy TCP/IP for Atmel AVR prcessors. ... DOWNLOAD
floreantpos(sfnet) Floreant POS Floreant POS is a platform independent Enterpri... DOWNLOAD
bigloo(freshmeat) bigloo Bigloo is an implementation of the Scheme progr... DOWNLOAD
k7z(sfnet) J7Z J7Z is an alternative 7-Zip GUI. It was designe... DOWNLOAD
gputils(sfnet) gputils gputils is a collection of tools for Microchip ... DOWNLOAD
audiotoolkitplugins(sfnet) Audio Toolkit plugins VST and Audio Units plugins based on the Audio ... DOWNLOAD

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