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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
com-hfg(sfnet) com-hfg The com.hfg ( library is a coll... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-torspotter-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software TorSpotter Class Wolf Software TorSpotter Class provides the abi... DOWNLOAD
l10ndoclet(sfnet) l10ndoclet Enables easy javadoc localization. The project ... DOWNLOAD
rclogon(sfnet) rclogon RCLogon will Automatically Login¸ log off¸ shut... DOWNLOAD
processpriority(sfnet) Process Manager for Windows DOWNLOAD
vedo(sfnet) VEDO VErsatile Discrete Objects Simulation System, a... DOWNLOAD
javawebfree(sfnet) JAVA Web Install Maker Free JAVA Web Install Maker Free is an Installation ... DOWNLOAD
pommo(sfnet) poMMo - The post modern Mass Mailer poMMo is versatile Mass Mailing software. Add a... DOWNLOAD
bedic(sfnet) bedic Library for searching in dictionaries, applicat... DOWNLOAD
struts2tutorial(sfnet) Struts 2 tutorial Struts 2 tutorial to promote Struts 2 framework. DOWNLOAD
tailforwin32(sfnet) Tail for Win32 A Windows version of the UNIX 'tail' command. I... DOWNLOAD
ibatisdb(sfnet) iBATIS Database Layer The iBATIS Database Layer will help you design ... DOWNLOAD
mkvavi2mp4(sfnet) mkv avi to mp4 for iPad Convert mkv/avi files in h264 to mp4 files with... DOWNLOAD
blueserver(sfnet) Blue Server Blue Server is a WAMP package that allows you t... DOWNLOAD
latex-beamer(sfnet) latex-beamer The Beamer class is a LaTeX class for creating ... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-file-info-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software File Info Class Wolf Software File Info Class provides a set of... DOWNLOAD
akinator(sfnet) Akinator Clone Un clone de akinator codé en php et mysql. A Ak... DOWNLOAD
waha(sfnet) Waha This project moved to DOWNLOAD
officialactiontecfirmware(sfnet) Official Actiontec Firmware This is a mirror of Actiontec GPL source. Creat... DOWNLOAD
ikiwi(sfnet) iKiwi iKiwi is a simple program for file sharing, abs... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-curse-filter-cla(freshmeat) Wolf Software Curse Filter Class Wolf Software Curse Filter Class filters out cu... DOWNLOAD
snap7(sfnet) Snap7 Snap7, through three specialized components: Cl... DOWNLOAD
arduinoprogramm(sfnet) Arduino Programmbeispiele Arduino Programmbeispiele aus der Beitragsfolge... DOWNLOAD
heapkeeper(freshmeat) Heapkeeper Heapkeeper is a program to store, modify, and d... DOWNLOAD
pybook-2(freshmeat) pybook pybook is a Web-based application to manage you... DOWNLOAD
jenny(freshmeat) Jenny Jenny is a packet generator, injector, editor, ... DOWNLOAD
wesworkshop(sfnet) WesWorkshop This utility provides a GUI to create unit file... DOWNLOAD
phpconfig(sfnet) phpconfig A PHP component for easy configuration DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-ini-parser-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Ini Parser Class Wolf Software Ini Parser Class is a simple clas... DOWNLOAD
icp(freshmeat) icp 'icp' is a script that copies a source director... DOWNLOAD
gcap(freshmeat) gcap gcap is a command line tool for retrieving YouT... DOWNLOAD
animbar(freshmeat) animbar animbar lets you easily create your own animati... DOWNLOAD
d2autoconf(sfnet) Dota2 Autoconfig Automatically Creates and Fills Autoexec.cfg fi... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-http-ping-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software HTTP Ping Class Wolf Software HTTP Ping Class is a simple scrip... DOWNLOAD
gnu-modula-2(freshmeat) GNU Modula-2 The GNU Modula-2 compiler is one of a number of... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-evaluate-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Evaluate Class Wolf Software Evaluate Class is a class for eva... DOWNLOAD
langblog(sfnet) langblog LANGblog is an audio/videoblog used for the tea... DOWNLOAD
mod-android(sfnet) mod-android Apache module for servicing Android JSON RPC re... DOWNLOAD
openshore(sfnet) openshore OpenSHORE is an XML based Semantic Document Rep... DOWNLOAD
xboxmediacenter(sfnet) XBMC Skinning Project XBMC Skinning Project is a side-project for hos... DOWNLOAD
javelina-cc(sfnet) Javelina Code Coverage Tool Javelina is an advanced code coverage tool that... DOWNLOAD
linuxfromscratch(freshmeat) Linux From Scratch The Linux From Scratch project is intended for ... DOWNLOAD
tracmirror(sfnet) Trac Mirror Trac is a minimalistic web-based software proj... DOWNLOAD
bigduders(sfnet) Big Duders This is for a project at TAFE. DOWNLOAD
raspberry-gpio-python(sfnet) raspberry-gpio-python To get started with RPi.GPIO, it would be worth... DOWNLOAD
comedi(freshmeat) comedi Comedi is a collection of hardware drivers, a c... DOWNLOAD
cmsid(sfnet) cmsid cms en Indonesian nation is children's work cre... DOWNLOAD
javahexeditor(sfnet) javahexeditor Java Hex Editor A java hex editor. Standalone application (SWT ... DOWNLOAD
vmware-centos-5(sfnet) vmware-centos-5 VMware image of CentOS 5.5 i386 - minimal insta... DOWNLOAD
trackplus(sfnet) trackplus Online project management and issue tracking wi... DOWNLOAD
fast-page-content-loader(freshmeat) Fast Page Content Loader Fast Page Content Loader is a JavaScript object... DOWNLOAD
yahoo-boss-client(freshmeat) Yahoo BOSS Client Yahoo BOSS (Build your Own Search Service) is a... DOWNLOAD
python-poppler-qt4(freshmeat) python-poppler-qt4 python-poppler-qt4 is a Python binding to poppl... DOWNLOAD
s4a(sfnet) s4a S4A is a Scratch modification that supports sim... DOWNLOAD
wsrappmacs(sfnet) wsrappmacs Collaborative development and distribution of W... DOWNLOAD
music-stream-vote(freshmeat) Music Stream Vote Music Stream Vote is a WordPress plugin and IRC... DOWNLOAD
twr2allfactionsplayable(sfnet) TWR2_All_Factions_Playable Unlocks ALL factions as playable in Total War: ... DOWNLOAD
phpvcard(sfnet) PHP vCard Class PHP vCard Class allows you to generate vCard fi... DOWNLOAD
rentools(sfnet) Renegade Tools Rentools is a set of programs that will complem... DOWNLOAD
phpmybackup(freshmeat) phpMyBackupPro phpMyBackupPro is a Web-based MySQL backup prog... DOWNLOAD
dillo-win32(sfnet) Dillo-Win32 A fast and extremely lightweight graphical web ... DOWNLOAD
bangarang(freshmeat) Bangarang Bangarang is a semantically empowered media pla... DOWNLOAD
php-compare-directories(freshmeat) PHP Compare Directories PHP Compare Directories is a class that compare... DOWNLOAD
isparql(freshmeat) iSPARQL iSPARQL is the OpenLink interactive SPARQL Que... DOWNLOAD
twc4-dx9convers(sfnet) twc4-dx9convers converting TWC4 ( wrestling mpire 08 ) to rende... DOWNLOAD
dlsw-tv(sfnet) dlsw-tv DLSW-TV Programs DOWNLOAD
opener(freshmeat) OpENer OpENer is an EtherNet/IP stack for I/O adapter ... DOWNLOAD
ada-el(freshmeat) Ada EL Ada EL is a library which implements an express... DOWNLOAD
dsidtb(sfnet) Daisy Software Initiative The Daisy Software Initiative (DSI) - Digital T... DOWNLOAD
lsdb(sfnet) Serial Debugger Serial Debugger, moninter and control the behav... DOWNLOAD
php-screw(sfnet) PHP Screw PHP Screw is a PHP script encryption tool. When... DOWNLOAD
exim(freshmeat) Exim Exim is a message transfer agent (MTA) develope... DOWNLOAD
bzip2oss-qm(freshmeat) BZip2/OSS-QM BZip2/OSS-QM is the OSS-QM project's branch of ... DOWNLOAD
activeinsight(freshmeat) activeinsight Active Insight is an ESP/CEP (Event Stream Proc... DOWNLOAD
javafe(freshmeat) JavaFE JavaFE is a Java front-end that parses Java 1.4... DOWNLOAD
likewiseopen(freshmeat) PowerBroker Identity Services Open Edition PowerBroker Identity Services is an application... DOWNLOAD
alchemy-os(freshmeat) Alchemy OS Alchemy OS is a MIDlet which creates an operati... DOWNLOAD
kali-mclaughlin(freshmeat) SCHEDIT VIEWER SCHEDIT VIEWER is a viewer and editor for schem... DOWNLOAD
aionhy-tw(sfnet) AIONHY for TAIWAN 【永恆幻影】台灣繁體版歷史版本與最新版本下載 DOWNLOAD
speedometer(freshmeat) Speedometer Speedometer is a console bandwidth and file dow... DOWNLOAD
matrix14freeamp(sfnet) MATRIX 1.4 Free Audio Power Amplifier Development Project of Free & Open Audio Po... DOWNLOAD
gscan2pdf(sfnet) gscan2pdf A GUI to ease the process of producing a multip... DOWNLOAD
gnubotpack(sfnet) GnuNet BotPack GnuBotPack is no longer being developed. Please... DOWNLOAD
amire(sfnet) Authoring Mixed and Augmented Reality AMIRE is a project about the efficient creation... DOWNLOAD
simplepilot(sfnet) simplepilot A simple autopilot for the Arduino to control p... DOWNLOAD
bt4installer(sfnet) BackTrack 4 Installer GUI installer for BackTrack 4 DOWNLOAD
mobtracker(sfnet) MobTracker Android Mobile Phone Tracking Platform merging ... DOWNLOAD
hantekdso(sfnet) Hantek DSO Hantek DSO-2150 software (Voltcraft/Darkwire/Pr... DOWNLOAD
l3afpad(freshmeat) Lɜafpad Lɜafpad is a simple text editor that emphasizes... DOWNLOAD
gnumericportabl(sfnet) Gnumeric Portable The popular Gnumeric spreadsheet made into a po... DOWNLOAD
mbt(sfnet) mbt Billing Cafe Management DOWNLOAD
data4net(sfnet) data4net .Net Common Dll. It is has loglevel, datahelper... DOWNLOAD
tvguide(freshmeat) tvguide tvguide is an application that provides support... DOWNLOAD
billings(sfnet) Billing Software waktu buat para Pengusaha WARNEt DOWNLOAD
couchbase-mngr(sfnet) couchbase-manager The couchbase manager is a session manager for ... DOWNLOAD
soft66winrad(sfnet) soft66winrad WinRad ( free amateur ra... DOWNLOAD
astropluto(freshmeat) astroPluto astroPluto is modular Godunov-type code intende... DOWNLOAD
pcspk(freshmeat) PCSpk PCSpk is a set of command line applications for... DOWNLOAD
calise(freshmeat) Calise Calise grabs frames from a camera, returns &quo... DOWNLOAD
jftp2(freshmeat) JFTP2 JFTP is a graphical FTP client that allows you ... DOWNLOAD

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